iPhone User Setting HomePod mini As Audio Output Using Shortcut
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If you want to play iPhone or iPad audio directly to the HomePod or HomePod mini, you can tap your device on top of the smart speaker or use the AirPlay menu. But, alternatively, the fastest way is using a shortcut.

Using the Shortcuts app, you can create a simple automation that will instantly set the HomePod mini as the audio output device. Once it’s set up, you can trigger it from the Shortcuts widget, or you can add it directly to your home screen.

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Create the Playback Destination Shortcut for HomePod

Let’s get started by creating the shortcut itself. Open the “Shortcuts” app on your iPhone or iPad.

Then, from the “My Shortcuts” tab, tap the “+” button from the top-right corner to create a new shortcut.

Tap Plus button from Shortcuts

Here, tap the “Add Action” button.

Tap Add Action in Shortcuts

Search for and add the “Set Playback Destination” action.

Tap Set Playback Destination in Shortcuts

Tap the “iPhone” button.

Select iPhone

Here, select your HomePod or HomePod mini.

Select Your HomePod mini

Now, tap the “Next” button from the top of your device’s screen.

Tap Next from HomePod shortcut

Give the shortcut a recognizable name (We used “Set HomePod.”) and tap the “Done” button.

Tap Done to Save HomePod Shortcut

Now, when you tap the “Set HomePod” shortcut from the Shortcuts app while you’re near your smart speaker, your iPhone or iPad will instantly set the HomePod or HomePod mini as the audio output.

Tap Shortcut to Initiate

Add the HomePod Output Shortcut to Your Home Screen

The shortcut isn’t going to do you much good if it’s just sitting in the Shortcuts app. The best way to use it is to get it out on the home screen. That way, you can start streaming your iPhone or iPad’s audio to the HomePod or HomePod mini in just one tap (as home screen shortcuts trigger in the background, without opening the Shortcuts app).

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To get started, open the “Shortcuts” app. Then, from the “Set HomePod” shortcut, tap the three-dot menu button.

Tap Menu from Shortcut

Here, select the three-dot menu button from the top-right corner.

Tap Menu in Shortcut Page

Tap the “Add to Home Screen” button.

Tap Add to Home Screen From Shortcut

From here, you can change the name or the icon of the shortcut. In fact, you can use any image or icon from the web. Tap the icon and select the “Choose Photo” option.

Choose Photo for Shortcut

Then choose the image from your camera roll.

From the preview, tap the “Choose” button.

Tap Choose to Confirm

Finally, tap the “Add” button found in the top-right corner.

Tap Add to Add Shortcut to Home Screen

The shortcut will be added to your iPhone or iPad home screen. You can move the shortcut icon to a convenient place (We recommend the first home screen.).

Tap Shortcut to Trigger

And you’re all set. Just tap the shortcut icon from your home screen to instantly stream audio to your HomePod or HomePod mini.

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