Use HomePod as default speaker for Apple TV 4K

The HomePod is best used in conjunction with other Apple devices. One such device is the Apple TV 4K, which allows you to use your HomePod as its default speaker. We’ll show you how to set that up.

Before you start, be aware that this feature requires you to have an Apple TV 4K and the original HomePod. It doesn’t work with older Apple TV models. If you have HomePod minis, you will need two of Apple’s smart speakers to create a stereo pair.

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To set up the HomePod as the default speaker for your Apple TV 4K, first, you need to make sure that both of the devices are assigned to the same room in the Home app. On your iPhone or iPad, open the “Home” app. Here, you should see products such as the Apple TV 4K and the HomePod.

If you don’t see the accessory, tap the house icon at the top left and select various rooms to see whether the accessory is listed there.

In case the accessory is not listed anywhere, tap the “+” icon in the top-right corner.

Here, select “Add Accessory,” and move your iPhone or iPad near the HomePod or Apple TV 4K to add it to a room on the Home app.

Tap Add Accessory

Once you’ve done this, tap and hold the Apple TV button in the Home app.

Hit the gear icon found in the bottom-right corner.

Now, tap “Room.”

Tap Room

Select any room from the list, then tap the “X” icon at the top.

Select any room

Now, tap and hold the HomePod icon.

Select the gear icon in the bottom-right corner.

Tap “Room,” and select the same room as the Apple TV.

Tap Room

The Home app will ask whether you want to use the HomePod as the speaker for your Apple TV 4K. Tap “Use.”

Tap Use

This is likely to do the job and make the HomePod your Apple TV’s default speaker. However, we noticed that sometimes you need to make sure that a similar thing is enabled in your Apple TV 4K’s settings as well, so let’s do that too right away.

Go to “Settings” on your Apple TV.

Open Settings on Apple TV

Select “Video and Audio.”

Select Video and Audio

Scroll down and click “Default Audio Output.”

Select Default Audio Output

Here, you will see all audio output devices listed. Select your HomePod from this list. Our HomePod is called “Living Room,” but yours may have a different name. If you’re not sure which device is your HomePod, look for the HomePod icon next to the name of the speaker.

Select your HomePod

This will make the HomePod the default speaker for your Apple TV 4K. All system sounds, music, and audio from videos will now play through the HomePod. If you have two HomePods, you might want to make those a stereo pair for even better sound.

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