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Microsoft Teams can quickly become filled with teams, channels, tabs, chats, and meetings. Remembering where you saw something can be tricky, so there is a dedicated, clickable list of the last 12 places you visited.

We’ve already shown you how to clean up your Teams sidebar by pinning, muting, and hiding teams, channels, and chats, but that doesn’t help when you can’t even remember where you saw that file or message from 10 minutes ago.

If you’re familiar with the back and forward buttons in web browsers, then you’ll feel right at home using the navigation buttons found in the top-left corner of Teams.

The Back and Forward buttons in Teams.

These work just as you would expect: Click the “<” arrow to go back to the last location you visited in Microsoft Teams and select “>” to go forward again.

However, Microsoft hides its History menu. To view it, hover your cursor over the navigation buttons, and Teams will display a menu of the last 12 places in the communication app that you visited.

The History menu in Teams.

Click the location that you want to go to, and it will instantly open. Even if you know where you want to go, it’s sometimes a lot quicker to use the History menu to get to a previously visited team or channel.

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