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Not all websites are created equal.Some websites use tiny fonts, while others have a huge text size. When you’re browsing in Safari on your iPhone or iPad, you can change the text size to suit your needs.

When you’re reading web pages on your Mac, you might be used to simply pressing the Command+”+” keyboard shortcut to increase the text size. But how do you do that with the touchscreen interface on your iPhone or iPad?

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You can use Safari’s built-in text zoom feature. This feature only changes the text size of the web page. It keeps everything else as it is—the images and other UI elements will stay the same. Once you’ve changed the text size of a website, Safari will remember it the next time you open the page.

To get started, open the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad and visit the web page where you want to increase or decrease the text size.

Next, tap the “aA” button on the left-hand side of the URL bar.

Tap aA Button from Safari

Here, tap the “a” button to reduce the text size, or tap the “A” button to increase the text size.

Increase or Decrease Text Size in Safari

The default text zoom is set as 100%. You can reduce the text size to 50% or take it up all the way to 300%.

Small and Big Text Sizes in Safari on iPhone

If you want to quickly reset the text size to the default, simply tap the percentage value in the middle.

Tap to Reset Text Size to Default

Safari’s text zoom feature works in the Reader View as well. If you’d like to read a long article without the site elements in larger text size, we recommend that you use Reader Mode.

After loading the page, tap and hold the “aA” button to enable the Reader View.

Tap and Hold aA Button in Safari

Then, tap the “aA” button again. From here, you can increase or decrease the text size.

Increase or Decrease Text Size in Reader View

Reader View will remember your text size preference no matter which website you’re using.

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