1Password lets you remove some vaults from your devices

One of our favorite password managers, 1Password, allows you to temporarily remove some account credentials from all of your devices. This feature is called “Travel Mode,” and it’s incredibly useful if you’re worried about unauthorized account access while traveling.

Travel Mode allows you to quickly choose which passwords you want to keep on your devices when you’re out and about. Once you enable Travel Mode, 1Password will only keep the credentials you choose and remove everything else from all of your devices. If any of your devices get stolen or accessed against your will, Travel Mode will ensure that only some of your accounts are compromised.

Travel Mode is also available as a feature in 1Password for Teams. This means that if you use 1Password for work, you can control which passwords employees can travel with.

This mode is only available for 1Password’s subscription accounts. If you have purchased a one-time license to 1Password for Mac or Windows, then you can’t use this feature. That being said, a vast majority of 1Password’s users are now on the subscription plans, so this limitation will only affect a very small number of people.

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You cannot access Travel Mode from 1Password’s apps, but it can be enabled by logging in to your account on 1Password’s website. Before you do that, you should make sure that your 1Password data is organized neatly into different vaults. This makes it easier to mark certain passwords as safe for travel. Here’s what you need to do.

Go to 1Password’s website and click the “Sign in” button in the top-right corner.

Sign in to 1Password.com

Type your email, secret key, and password. Then click “Sign In.”

1Password's log in screen

Next, select the “New Vault” button from the top of the screen.

Label the new vault, then click “Create Vault.”

Go to the account credentials that you want to access while traveling. Go through them one by one and hit the Share icon for each.

Select “Move/Copy.”

Hit “Copy” next to the new vault that you just created.

This will copy these passwords over to the new vault. Now you can mark this vault as safe for travel.

Now, go to your 1Password home page and click the gear icon below the name of the vault.

In the left pane, toggle the switch next to “Safe for Travel.” After this, the items stored in this vault will not be erased when you enable Travel Mode.

Mark the vault as Safe for Travel

Speaking of which, let’s go ahead and enable Travel Mode now. Click your name in the top-right corner, then select “My Profile.”

Click the switch next to “Travel Mode” to enable it.

Enable Travel Mode

Now open and unlock 1Password on all of your devices while they’re connected to the internet. 1Password will automatically erase everything (but only from your device) outside the vault marked as safe for travel.

1Password’s apps don’t reveal whether Travel Mode is enabled, so if someone opens 1Password without your permission, they have no way of knowing whether Travel Mode is enabled. The only way to find out is by logging in to the 1Password website, which requires an additional secret key apart from your master password.

If you like features like this, you might want to consider switching from LastPass to 1Password.

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