Want an easy way to remove all the junk from a webpage and retain the formatting so that you can copy/paste or print it out nicely with a single click? See how simple it is with the Clippable Bookmarklet.

Get the Bookmarklet

To install Clippable just go to the website, grab the bookmarklet, and drag it to your “Bookmarks Toolbar”. Now you are ready for instant one-click “webpage cleaning”.

Using Clippable

For our example we decided to visit the Microsoft webpage with information about customizing Windows 7. Notice all the items at the top of the page and on the sides…

Just one click and all the excess items are gone leaving just the article and pictures related to it. That is about as quick and simple as you can get for functionality. Now you can easily copy/paste the article into your favorite note-storage program (i.e. Evernote or other) or print it out without losing the original formatting.

Easy-Style Printsheet for How-To Geek Articles

Recently a new easy-style printsheet was set up for the How-To Geek website, so here is a quick look at it for those of you who may not have heard about it yet. Here we have our sample article with all the normal webpage extras on display…

If you need to print one of the articles, you will certainly be pleased with the new printsheet setup. To access it make certain to use the “Print Button” at the bottom of the articles.

To show how nicely the pages turn out, we printed the article directly to a pdf file. All the top, sidebar, and bottom items have been removed so that you are able to print exactly what you need. No more wasting your printer’s paper and ink on unnecessary webpage items.


If you have been looking for a quick “one-click” way to clean up webpages for copying/pasting or printing out, then you will definitely want to add the Clippable Bookmarklet to your favorite browser. Remember to use the easy-style printsheet function to print out your favorite How-To Geek articles.


Add the Clippable Bookmarklet to Your Browser

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