Stop web browsers asking to be the default browser

Every web browser wants to be your one and only default. If you use multiple browsers, you’ll see a lot of requests to be your default browser—and it can get annoying fast. Here’s how to make your browsers stop bugging you on Windows.

Stop Google Chrome from Asking to Be the Default Browser

Google Chrome displays a small message at the top asking you to make it your default browser. Unfortunately, there’s no option anywhere in Chrome to get rid of this message for good.

However, you can click “X” on this default browser prompt to dismiss it. This isn’t a permanent solution, but Chrome will stop bugging you for a while.

Dismiss Chrome default browser prompts

Stop Mozilla Firefox from Asking to Be the Default Browser

Unlike Chrome, Firefox offers the option to disable the default browser prompt permanently. Once you enable this option, Firefox will never ask you to make it the default browser again.

To use this option, launch Firefox and click the menu button in the top-right corner. It looks like three horizontal lines.

Access the Firefox menu

Select “Options” from the menu.

Firefox options

On Firefox’s Options screen, click “General” on the left. Deactivate the “Always check if Firefox is your default browser” option on the right. Firefox will stop asking to be your default.

Disable Firefox's default browser prompts

Stop Microsoft Edge from Asking to Be the Default Browser

Like Chrome, Microsoft Edge also doesn’t have an option to permanently remove the default browser prompt. But you can manually dismiss the prompt when it appears to get rid of it—for a while.

To do so, open Microsoft Edge on your computer. When the prompt appears, click the “X” button on the right side of the banner.

Dismiss Edge's default browser notifications

Stop Opera from Asking to Be the Default Browser

Opera follows the same approach as Chrome and Edge for its default browser prompt. There’s no option in this browser to disable the default browser prompt for good.

However, you can dismiss the prompt when it appears so that it doesn’t distract your current session, at least. To do this, just click the “X” button on the right side of the default browser prompt banner.

Stop Opera's default browser messages

You may have noticed that Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and even Opera all use the same prompt. That’s because they’re all based on the same underlying open-source Chromium project.

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If you ever mess up your browser settings, did you know that you can reset the browser without uninstalling and reinstalling it? This brings all your browser settings to the factory defaults and lets you set up the browser from scratch.

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