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Microsoft Teams helps you manage your documents by providing a Files tab in every channel. Keep your critical files visible to the team at all times by pinning them to the top of this Files tab.

The Files tab in a Teams channel gives you a secure place to keep files that your team needs to access, which are all backed up automatically in SharePoint. This makes the Files tab a popular place for document storage, but this convenience comes at a cost: You can no longer find files easily once you’ve got a large number of them in the list.

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Fortunately, there is a simple way to keep your most critical documents visible: by pinning them to the top of the Files tab. This will place the documents at the top of the list regardless of how far down the list you’d normally find them.

A Files tab showing two pinned files.

To pin a document, select it by clicking the circle on the left-hand side, then select “Pin to Top” in the toolbar.

A selected document and the "Pin to top" option.

You can pin a maximum of three files to the top of the Files list. To unpin a file, select the pinned file and click Edit Pin > Unpin.

A selected document and the "Unpin" menu option.

You can also change the order of the pinned files if you have more than one by selecting the file and clicking Edit Pin > Move Left or Move Right.

A selected document and the "Move left" and "Move right" menu options.

Pinning documents in Microsoft Teams is a simple and elegant way to keep your most critical documents visible for your team.

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