Vertical Tabs Feature in Microsoft Edge
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Microsoft Edge’s Vertical Tabs feature shows the tabs in a vertical list in the sidebar. This can be helpful if you’re suffering from tab fatigue. If you don’t like this feature, here’s how to hide the Vertical Tabs button.

How Vertical Tabs Work in Microsoft Edge

If you’re running Microsoft Edge version 89 or higher, you will see a new Vertical Tabs button in the top-left corner of the tabs section.

Vertical Tabs button in Microsoft Edge

When you click this button, the tab bar will change into a sidebar on the left of the browser window. Here, you’ll see a list of all open tabs.

Vertical Tabs in Sidebar in Microsoft Edge

By default, the sidebar shows the title of the web page as well. It’s possible to collapse the sidebar (only showing the website icon known as a favicon). by selecting the arrow icon that points right.

If you do turn on the Vertical Tabs feature, click the Vertical Tabs button again to go back to the default (horizontal) tab layout.

Vertical Tabs Collapsed in Microsoft Edge

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How to Hide or Disable the Vertical Tabs Button in Microsoft Edge

If you’re never going to use the Vertical Tabs feature, seeing the button in the tab bar can be annoying. Thankfully, Microsoft Edge lets you hide the Vertical Tabs button.

To get started, click the three-dot button from the top-right corner of Microsoft Edge.

Then, select to the “Settings” option.

Choose the “Appearance” option from the sidebar and then, from the “Customize Toolbar” section, toggle off the “Show Vertical Tabs Button” option.

Disable Vertical Tabs in Microsoft Edge

The Vertical Tabs button will now disappear and you’ll have the old Microsoft Edge tab layout back.

Microsoft Edge Without Vertical Tabs Button

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