If you need to take a screenshot on your Mac but you don’t have a working keyboard or would rather just use a mouse, you can easily use a mouse to trigger a screenshot. Here’s how.

The Strategy: Launch the Screenshot App with a Mouse

You’d typically hit a keyboard combination such as Command+Shift+3 to take a screenshot on a Mac. But if your keyboard isn’t working properly or is disconnected, or if you just want to use a mouse, there are ways to do it that don’t require a keyboard.

In our guide below, we’ll be using macOS’s built-in Screenshot app, which typically lives in ~/Applications/Utilities.

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How to Take a Mac Screenshot without a Keyboard

If you’d like to trigger a Mac screenshot without using your keyboard, you’ll first need to focus on Finder by clicking its icon in your Dock.

In the Finder menu bar at the top of the screen, click “Go,” then select “Applications” from the list.

When the “Applications” folder opens, double-click the “Utilities” folder.

In the Applications folder, open "Utilities."

In the “Utilities” folder, double-click the “Screenshot” app icon to launch it.

Tip: You can also launch the Screenshot app by clicking Launchpad on the Dock, selecting the “Other” group, then selecting the Screenshot app.

When the Screenshot app opens, you’ll see a small toolbar appear near the bottom of the screen. Using this toolbar, you can configure the Screenshot app to take a shot of the entire screen, the selected window, or a selected portion of the screen. You can also click the “Options” menu and set a timer, among other settings. You can change any of these settings using your mouse—no keyboard required.

Once you have your settings the way you want them, click the “Capture” button.

A screenshot will be saved in your desired location (The default save location is the desktop.). After taking the screenshot, the toolbar will disappear, so if you want to take another shot, you’ll need to launch the Screenshot app again.

Tip: If you want to quickly launch the Screenshot app with your mouse in the future, you can drag its icon to your Dock from the Applications/Utilities folder. It will only be one click away.

Another Way to Take a Screenshot without a Keyboard

You can also take a screenshot using the Preview app. Just launch the app using the Finder “Go” > “Applications” method (seen above), or by using Launchpad. When Preview opens, click the “File” menu and select “Take Screenshot.” Tell your apps to say cheese!

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