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Like it or not, QR codes are everywhere. From restaurants to gas stations, they are used for all sorts of contactless transactions. Here’s how to quickly scan QR codes on iPhone using a Control Center shortcut.

The iPhone’s Camera app lets you scan QR codes. But every time you actually want to take action (for example, opening the webpage from the QR code), you need to tap a notification.

Open QR Code in Chrome Notification from Camera App

If you add a hidden QR Code control to the Control Center, the Code Scanner feature will automatically open the designated app (Mail app for email, Safari for webpages, and so on).

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To set this up, you’ll need to add the Code Scanner shortcut to the Control Center. First, open the “Settings” app. Swipe down on your home screen to use Spotlight search if you can’t find the app on your smartphone.

Visit Settings on iPhone

Here, choose the “Control Center” option.

Choose Control Center from Settings

Scroll down and tap the “+” icon next to the “Code Scanner” option.

Tap Plus Next to Code Scanner

Now, the Code Scanner control will be added to the bottom of the Control Center. It’s now time to use the feature to scan a QR code.

To open Control Center, swipe down from the top-right corner of your iPhone’s screen.

Swipe down from top-right corner to access Control Center on iPhone

Here, tap the new Code Scanner control.

Tap Code Scanner Shortcut from Control Center

This will open a dedicated QR code scanning interface. Point your iPhone’s camera toward the QR code.

Find Code to Scan Using Code Scanner

It will be scanned after a second, and your iPhone will automatically open the designated app to complete the action.

Code Scanner Opening The QR Code Action in Designated App

In this example, the How-To Geek website will open in the default browser (which, for us, is Chrome).

Website From QR Code Opened in Chrome

Want to create your own QR code? You can generate new QR codes right on your iPhone!

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