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If you do something epic on your new Oculus Quest 2 (or original Quest), it’s incredibly easy to take a screenshot to share with friends. Here’s how to capture a screenshot in your VR headset.

Taking a screenshot on your Oculus Quest 2 is almost as easy as taking one on a smartphone. Simply hold down the Oculus button (which looks like an oval icon) on the right Quest Touch controller, then press the trigger on either controller.

Press the Oculus button on the right controller and press either trigger.

Once the screenshot has been taken, you’ll hear a screenshot sound (similar to a camera shutter) that you’ve likely heard on other devices. You’ll also get a notification confirming that the screenshot has been captured.

If the first method doesn’t work for you, there’s a second, more difficult way to take a screenshot.

Start by opening the system menu by pressing the Oculus button on your right Touch controller. From there, select the “Sharing” tab from the bottom taskbar.

Select the Sharing Tab from the bottom taskbar

Then select the “Take Photo” button. You’ll see a small red dot appear and blink for five seconds. Once the countdown is finished, a screenshot will be taken.

Select "take photo"

If you’re unsure how to see those screenshots, navigate to the Home menu by pressing the Oculus button on your controller. Select the “Sharing” tab (like we did) to take a screenshot. Now, instead of selecting “Take Photo,” choose “View All.”

Select View All

From here, you can view all the screenshots you’ve taken.

View all your images!

With a screenshot selected, you can then delete the image or share it with others.

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