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Adobe Photoshop is a complicated program. By default, it throws up a lot of warnings and other dialog boxes to make sure you’re aware of the consequences of what you’re doing. With most of these, you can check a box to never see them again. But what happens if you want to bring them back? Here’s what to do.

Photoshop can, at times, feel a bit like an over-anxious parent, throwing up warnings when you do simple—and reversible—things like deleting a layer. It’s easy to get in the habit of checking “Don’t Show Again” every time you see one.

photoshop showing delete layer warning

Unfortunately, Photoshop’s app-that-cries-wolf approach means that you can dismiss genuinely helpful warnings for things that can have unintended and hard-to-reverse consequences for your work.

For example, changing the color space of your images deeply affects how they’ll look if you post them online or print them out, without really changing what you see in Photoshop. Sometimes you really do want to change the color space of your work, but it’s also something you can do by accident, especially if you’re combining multiple images from different sources. Changing the color space or combining images from different color spaces is the kind of thing that you probably do want to see a pop-up about every time you do.

changing color profiles warning dialog

I, of course, dismissed that warning, like pretty much every other one Photoshop has shown me. Whoops.

While there’s no way to reset individual warning dialogs, you can reset them all. This means you’ll need to check a few “Don’t Show Again” boxes for common features, but the more important pop-ups will be back, too. Just be a little more careful about dismissing them next time you see them.

To restore Photoshop’s warning dialogs on a Windows PC, go to Edit > Preferences. On a Mac, select Photoshop > Preferences > General.

Click the “Reset All Warning Dialogs” button, then click “Okay.”

image of reset warning dialogs option

Now, the next time you’re doing something Photoshop feels it should warn you about, it will do so.

confirm reset warning dialogs option

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