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Whether you’re a freelancer dipping your toes into self-employment, an entrepreneur with several years under your belt, a small business owner, or an educator dealing with remote learning, you’re eventually going to need a PDF editor. And given that we’re now living in an era defined by distributed work, that software needs to not only be flexible and easy to use, but also accessible from anywhere. There’s a name for such a product.

It’s called Wondershare PDFelement 8, and it blows the competition clean out of the water.

Why Wondershare PDFelement 8 Is a Superior PDF Editor

Quick, Efficient, and Lightweight

Wondershare processor usage

Although PDFelement 8 loads only slightly faster than solutions like Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, where it really shines is in its overall resource footprint. In addition to not being saddled with a laundry list of tertiary processes and unnecessary DRM, Wondershare’s software has a footprint that’s significantly lower than Adobe’s.

Wondershare's processor usage

While you aren’t likely to notice much of a difference on higher-end PCs (we didn’t), this is relatively huge on work-only devices and older systems. As an added bonus, you don’t need to worry about getting saddled with any foistware or bloatware. With PDFelement 8, what you see is what you get, and we appreciate that immensely.

PDFelement 8 also works significantly faster than previous versions of the software, as Wondershare has made considerable improvements to both performance and stability, reducing startup speed and decreasing the amount of time it takes to open documents.

Wondershare technical specs

A Simple, Intuitive Interface

It doesn’t matter how powerful a PDF editor is if you need to jump through multiple hoops just to carry out basic tasks.

Wondershare in use

Enter PDFelement 8. Its interface is crisp, clean, and streamlined, laid out so that it’s easy to access whatever functionality you require. Both the top menu and the sidebar are free of visual clutter yet still allow you to easily carry out even the most complicated tasks with just a few clicks.

It’s obvious that Wondershare designed PDFelement 8’s interface with an eye for cutting down on redundancy. Everything from the start screen to the toolbars are not only visually pleasing, but incredibly efficient. During our time with the product, we found it capable of doing everything the competition could do, but significantly more intuitively.

We’re still processing how Wondershare could have packed in so much functionality without things feeling confusing and complicated, but they managed. We didn’t have to refer to PDFelement 8’s help files even once during our time with the product. No matter what we wanted to do, it only took a few moments to navigate through the menus and find the functionality we needed.

Other developers should honestly be taking notes on what Wondershare has done here—PDFelement 8’s minimalistic interface is both easier on the eyes and less stressful than the kitchen-sink lump of icons in software such as Adobe Acrobat.

One Account, One Expansive Platform

Another big draw of PDFelement 8 involves the Wondershare ID. By creating a Wondershare account, you gain access to certain online features of the product. More importantly, that account can be quickly linked to any Wondershare product you purchase, allowing you to access your software across multiple devices with ease.

Wondershare on multiple devices

No fiddling with serial numbers, no needless authentication, and no limit on installations.

That, to us, represents a huge win.

The Wondershare Document Cloud

Save to Wondershare

There are two other aspects of PDFelement 8 that we found to be quite exciting from a business standpoint. The first is the Wondershare Document Cloud. A standalone product accessible from anywhere via a web portal, Document Cloud is fully integrated with PDFelement 8, providing you with an easy means of saving and accessing your documents from anywhere—you can both save and open documents from the Document Cloud via the File menu.

Wondershare document cloud

Another premium aspect of the software that we found to be quite exciting from a business standpoint is the electronic signature feature. Accessible from anywhere and requiring no installation of PDFelement 8, it makes it easier than ever to collect signatures on everything from contracts to invoices NDAs.

From the Sign tab of the Wondershare Document Cloud, you have several options. You can choose to request multiple signatures on a single copy of a document, or send out an individual copy to each signer. You can also easily create your own contracts and forms, either via PDFelement 8 or through a premade template.

With more and more people now working from home, the release of Document Cloud’s electronic signature feature feels incredibly well-timed, and makes remotely carrying out tasks related to finances and human resources easier than ever.

Fast, Simple, Smooth – The Perfect PDF Editor for Small Businesses

Ultimately, we found that Wondershare is intuitive, affordable, and lightweight. Designed for performance and simplicity, it features no bloatware and a menu that greatly simplifies PDF editing across the board. And that makes it a perfect choice, no matter your profession.

PDFelement 8 offers premium functionality at an unbeatable price, especially if you’ve purchased the professional edition. Through the software, you can easily encrypt, convert, combine, compare, or edit with ease.

Let’s say, for instance, you need to share a password-protected product roadmap with shareholders. You can quickly create a password-protected document via PDFelement 8, then either share it directly via email or upload it to the Document Cloud. You can also create a unique digital signature tied to information such as your name and address for an extra layer of authentication (though it’s important to note that this feature is distinct from Document Cloud’s electronic signatures).

Wondershare security

Best of all? These complex, comprehensive tasks each only require just a few clicks. There’s no need to spend several hours struggling to learn the software or poring over online tutorials.

You can simply dive in and get straight to editing.

Last but certainly not least, let’s talk about the price. PDFelement 8 Standard costs only $59 per year, or $69 if you want to purchase a perpetual license. PDFelement 8 Pro is only slightly more expensive, at $79 per year or $129 for a license.

Wondershare premium features

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