Telegram User Editing a Sent Message
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You sometimes say something you wish you could take back. Other times, you make an embarrassingly silly typo. Either way, as long as you’re using Telegram, you can edit any sent message instead of first deleting it! Here’s how it works.

Telegram’s message editing feature works much like Slack’s. You can edit a previously sent message in private chats and groups, but it will be tagged as “Edited.” The steps for doing this are different for each platform. We have covered instructions for Telegram’s Android, iPhone, and Desktop apps below.

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Edit Sent Telegram Messages on Android

You can edit messages in the Telegram app on Android using a long-press action. To get started, select the conversation where you want to edit a message.

Select conversation from Telegram

Next, find the message in the chat, and simply tap and hold.

Tap and hold message in Telegram on Android

The message will be selected, and you’ll see a toolbar at the top of the screen. Here, tap the edit button represented by a pencil icon.

Tap Edit button from Android toolbar

You can now edit the message in any way that you want (The original message will be shown above.). Once you’re done, tap the checkmark button.

Edit message and tap Send

You will now see the updated message with the “Edited” tag next to it.

Edited Message

Edit Sent Telegram Messages on iPhone

On your iPhone, open the Telegram app and navigate to the conversation where you want to edit a sent message.

Select Conversation on Telegram on iPhone

Find the message and simply tap and hold.

Tap and hold Message To Edit on Telegram on iPhone

From the pop-up menu, choose the “Edit” option.

Tap Edit from Popup in Telegram on iPhone

Now you will see the original message above the text box. You can edit the message as you wish. Once you are done, just tap the checkmark button.

Edit Message and Tap Send on iPhone

The edited message will be sent with an “Edited” tag next to it.

Edited Tag in Telegram on iPhone

Edit Sent Telegram Messages in the Desktop App

Fan of the Telegram desktop apps for Mac, Windows, and Linux? So are we. Telegram provides a native, reliable messaging experience for your desktop. Plus, the Telegram desktop apps are fully featured and include the ability to edit sent messages.

To do this on the desktop app, first, open the client on your computer, then go to the conversation that contains the message you want to edit.

Select Chat for Contact on Telegram on Mac

Find the message that you want to edit and right-click on it. Here, choose the “Edit” option.

Edit the message, then click the checkmark button to send the edited message.

Edit Message and Press Enter

You will now see the updated message with the “Edited” tag in the chat.

Edited Tag for Telegram on Mac

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