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Google Duo is one of the easiest video chat apps out there, but it’s not only for video. You can make audio-only calls, too, and the sound quality is much better than a typical phone call’s. We’ll show you how.

Like with video calls, the voice calling feature works on iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, and computers through a web browser. It’s just a matter of choosing “Voice” instead of “Video” when starting a call. We’ll cover each of these platforms.

Starting with mobile devices, first, open the Google Duo app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android handset. Now, scroll up and select a person to call.

select someone to call

Next, simply select the smaller “Voice Call” button instead of Video Call.

select voice call

Google Duo will now ring on the recipients’ end. In the voice call, you’ll see a blank blue screen with a couple of buttons for muting your microphone, ending the call, and enabling speakerphone.

voice call buttons

That’s all there is to it for the Google Duo mobile apps. The process is quite similar on a computer in the web browser.

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First, navigate to in a browser such as Google Chrome. If you’ve never used Duo on the web, read our guide to set it up.

google duo website URL

Next, choose a person to call from the contacts list.

choose a person to call

Select the “Voice Call” button.

If your browser asks permission to access the microphone, click “Allow.”

allow microphone access

Google Duo will now ring on the recipients’ end. While in the call, you have the option to mute your microphone, enter fullscreen mode, and change settings in reference to video and audio sources.

voice call options

That’s all there is to it. Now, you can make easy calls from any device and you don’t have to comb your hair first.

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