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There are times when it’s not possible to look at your Apple Watch, but you still might want to know the time. Here’s how you can have your Apple Watch tap out the time using a simple gesture.

Apple Watch comes with a feature called Taptic Time. It can read you the time using haptic feedback on your wrist. Once it’s enabled, all you have to do is wake up the watch (by lifting your wrist or by tapping the screen), then tap and hold the watch face with two fingers.

The Taptic Time feature comes with three different vibration modes:

  • Digits: This mode alternates between long taps and short taps. A long tap for ten hours, short taps for each following hour, long taps for each ten-minute interval, and short taps for each following minute.
  • Terse: The Terse mode features a long tap for every five hours, short taps for every following hour, and long taps for each quarter of an hour.
  • Morse Code: If you’re a fan of Morse code, you can use this mode to tap out the time in Morse code.

To set up this feature, press the Digital Crown on your Apple Watch and tap the “Settings” app.

Open Settings App on Apple Watch

Here, select the “Clock” option.

It’s important to note that this feature won’t work if your Apple Watch is set to speak the time. So first, tap the toggle next to the “Speak Time” option to disable the feature.

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Alternatively, you can use both the Speak Time and Taptic Time features together. When your Watch is in silent mode, it will tap out the time. When it’s not in silent mode, it will speak the time instead.

Disable Speak Time Feature on Apple Watch

To set up the Taptic Time feature, scroll up in the “Clock” menu and choose the “Taptic Time” option.

Tap the toggle next to Taptic Time to enable the feature. Then, choose a mode. As highlighted above, you can choose between “Digits,” “Terse,” and “Morse Code.”

Enable Taptic Time Feature on Apple Watch

Now that the feature is enabled, go back to the watch face and tap and hold the screen with two fingers to find out the time using taps on your wrist.

Double Tap Watch Face with Two Fingers To Read Time in Taps

Don’t want to spend the time finding and customizing that perfect watch face on Apple Watch? Skip the hard work by downloading pre-configured watch faces instead!

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