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Google Maps is an invaluable tool for navigating using your smartphone. But did you know Maps keeps track of your travels even if you’re not actively using it? This feature enables you to see a running list of your visited restaurants.

If you use Maps while signed in to your Google account, it records your location history. This somewhat creepy functionality can be managed if you don’t like it, but it does provide some interesting insight into your habits.

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Your location history can be viewed from the “Timeline” in Google Maps. It can be organized by dates, places, cities, and the world. The “Places” tab is where you can find information about which places you visit, including restaurants.

To get started, open “Google Maps” on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device and tap the “Saved” tab at the bottom.

go to the Saved tab

Next, scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap “Timeline.”

tap the timeline bubble

We’ll now switch over to the “Places” tab.

select the Places tab

You will find your visited places organized into a bunch of categories such as “Shopping” and “Attractions.” The one we’re interested in is “Food & Drink.”

go to the Food & Drink category

A chronological list of food and drink establishments will be displayed. Each location will show when you last visited and how many times you’ve visited.

location information

There are a few things you can do with this information. First, you can tap the bookmark icon to save it to one of your personal lists.

save location to a list

Second, you can tap the three-dot menu icon next to a location to view your last visit or remove all visits.

visit options

Lastly, you can tap “Select” to highlight multiple locations and add them to lists or delete them.

select multiple locations

That’s pretty much it. Keep in mind that these results are not 100% accurate. You might notice some places on the list that you didn’t visit, but you were probably in the vicinity. Regardless, it’s a neat little look back at where you’ve eaten in the past.

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