Mac User Watching a YouTube Video Picture-in-Picture in Safari

The dedicated Picture-in-Picture (PiP) button makes it quite easy to play videos in a floating, movable window on the Mac. Unsurprisingly, the YouTube player doesn’t support this feature. Thankfully, there’s a hidden way to watch YouTube Picture-in-Picture in Safari on Mac.

Many websites in Safari (and the TV app) come with the Picture-in-Picture button. You simply press it to enter the floating media player.

Tap the PiP button in supported video players
Picture-in-Picture button in Vimeo player in Safari.

The process for YouTube videos is different. First, open the YouTube website in Safari and navigate to the video that you want to watch in Picture-in-Picture mode.

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Next, right-click once in the video window. You’ll see YouTube’s own context menu.

Right-click once more with YouTube’s menu still on-screen to open Safari’s context menu. Here, choose the “Enter Picture in Picture” option.

Instantly, the video will start playing in a floating media player.

Watching Video in Picture in Picture

You can drag the edges of the player to resize the window and click and drag to move it around. You can dock it to either one of the edges of your Mac’s screen.

Press the Play/Pause button to play or pause the video. Click the “X” button to exit and stop playback, or select the Picture-in-Picture button to go back to the YouTube player in Safari.

Controls in Picture-in-Picture Window

The Picture-in-Picture feature for YouTube isn’t just limited to the Mac. You can use it on your iPad and even on your iPhone!

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