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If you own a business and you’re looking to garner attention locally or nationwide, there is no better way to get eyes on what you have to offer than through Google Ads.

By partnering with the search engine’s online advertising platform, you as a business owner can expect your ads to appear on Google whenever a user is looking for goods and services similar to your business. Reaching across the digital space not only leads to more website traffic for your online businesses, but it can also result in increased store visits if, in fact, there is a physical location to visit.

Google Ads is a means of driving revenue, and the company’s latest promotional event should make it even easier for a business owner to get their name out. Spend $50 with the platform and get $100 back in Ad credit.

Here’s How the Credit Works:

  • The offer is available to customers with a billing address in the United States ONLY. One promotional code per advertiser.
  • Enter the promotional code in your account before December 31, 2021. To participate in this offer, you must enter the code within 14 days of your first ad impression being served from your first Google Ads account.
  • After entering the code, your advertising campaigns must accrue costs of at least $50, excluding any taxes, within 30 days. Making a payment of $50 is not sufficient. The tracking of advertising costs towards $50 begins after you’ve entered the code.
  • Once steps 2 and 3 are completed, the credit will typically be applied within 5 days to your account’s Billing Summary.
  • Credits apply to future advertising costs only. Credits cannot be applied to costs accrued before the code was entered.
  • You won’t receive a notification once your credit is used up, and any additional advertising costs will be charged to your form of payment. If you don’t want to continue advertising, you can pause or delete your campaigns at any time.
  • Your account must be successfully billed by Google Ads and remain in good standing to qualify for the promotional credit. Full terms and conditions can be found here:
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