windows 10 floating calculator

The Calculator is one of the few apps that has been included in every single version of Windows. Obviously, it’s changed a lot over the years. In Windows 10, the Calculator has the handy ability to stay on top.

You may not think about the Windows Calculator app often, but it’s actually really nice. It has a number of different modes, including scientific, graphing, currency conversation, and more.

If you find yourself using the Calculator a lot, you should know it can stay on top of whatever you’re doing. This feature only works with the “Standard” mode, but it’s still handy.

First, open the “Calculator” app from the “Start Menu” or wherever you normally open it from.

open the calculator

The Calculator will open in the last mode you used. If you’re not already in Standard mode, click the hamburger icon in the top left and select it.

select standard mode

Now tap the keep-on-top icon next to the “Standard” title.

The Calculator will pop-out to a slightly smaller window that will always stay on top. You can drag it around by grabbing the top bar. Grab the edges of the window to slightly resize it.

floating calculator

That’s it! Just click the “X” to close the window when you’re done. No more switching back and forth between windows to do simple math.

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