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Text messaging is typically for “instant” communication. You send a message when something is on your mind, or respond as soon as you see a message come in. But what if you could schedule text messages? Here’s how to schedule a text message on Android.

Google’s Messages app is one of the best text messaging options for Android smartphones. In late 2020, it gained the ability to schedule messages. This is super handy for those moments when you don’t want to forget to send a message at a later time.

In order to use this feature, you’ll need to download the Google Messages app from the Play Store and set it as your default SMS app. When you open it for the first time, you’ll see a button to “Set Default SMS App.”

tap set default sms app

On the next screen or pop-up, select “Messages” and tap “Set as Default.”

select messages and set as default

All of your previous conversations will show up in Messages now. Select a conversation where you want to schedule a message.

select a conversation

Next, enter the message you want to schedule and long-press the send icon.

enter a message and tap the arrow

This will open the scheduling options. The time zone is shown at the top so there’s no confusion about when the message will be sent. You can choose from the pre-set times or “Pick Date and Time.”

pick a date and time

If you pick a custom date and time, you’ll be asked to pick a date from the calendar and select a time. Tap “Next” when finished.

choose date and time

The date and time you chose will be shown once more. Tap “Save” to confirm your choices.

save choices

Lastly, the scheduled date and time will appear above your message. Tap the send icon to schedule the message.

finally schedule the message

You will now see the scheduled message in the conversation. Tap the clock icon to change the message text or scheduled time, send it right now, or delete the message entirely.

It’s as simple as that! Never worry about missing a birthday or reminder ever again!

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