Google Pixel phones have a feature called “Now Playing” that automatically identifies music playing around you. You can add these identified songs to a playlist to continue listening to them after you’ve left a public space that plays music. We’ll show you how.

Not only does the feature recognize songs in the background, but it also keeps a running history of the identified songs saved in the handset’s settings. These songs can be exported to a YouTube Music playlist for future listening.

At this writing, YouTube Music is the only supported music service for this feature. The option won’t even appear if you don’t have YouTube Music installed on your Pixel. There’s a chance more music providers might be added in the future.

First, swipe down twice from the top of your Google Pixel’s screen, and then tap the gear icon to open the Settings menu.

open the device settings

In the search bar, type “Now Playing,” and then tap “Now Playing History.”

search for now playing history

Tap the music icons or long-press a song to select it. Choose all the songs you want to add to the playlist.

select the songs to add

Next, tap the export icon at the top right.

A menu will appear from the bottom of the screen; select “Add to Playlist.”

tap Add to Playlist

The “Add to Playlist” menu from YouTube Music will appear. Select one of your existing playlists or create a new one.

choose one of your playlists

The songs will now be added to the playlist. You can visit the “Now Playing History” page at any time and add recent songs to your playlist. This is a great way to save songs you hear when you’re out and about.

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