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RAM is important when it comes to how well your computer runs. Chromebooks require less RAM than other computers running Windows 10 or macOS. Still, you might feel like you need more. We’ll show you how to find out how much RAM your Chromebook has.

If you happen to know which Chromebook model you have, you can do a quick search for it on Google to find its specifications. However, there’s an even easier way—in fact, there are two.

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About System Page

The first method doesn’t require any additional apps or extensions. On your Chromebook, just open your Chrome web browser and type “chrome://system” in the address bar.

type the chrome system page in the URL bar

This will open the built-in Chrome OS “About System” page. There’s a lot of information here, but we’re only interested in one thing.

To see how much RAM you have, look for the “meminfo” entry, and then click “Expand” next to it.

find meminfo and expand

In the expanded information panel, you’ll see “MemTotal” and “MemAvailable” at the top. The numbers are in kilobytes (KB), which you can (roughly) translate to gigabytes (GB) by putting a decimal after the first number. For example, my Chromebook has 3,938,392 kB of RAM, so that’s about 3.9 GB.

RAM details

Cog – System Info Viewer

The second method requires a highly rated Chrome web app. It has a cleaner interface and the info is easier to understand.

To use this method, open the Chrome Web Store on your Chromebook, and then click “Add to Chrome” next to the “Cog – System Info Viewer.”

Cog - System Info Viewer

After you download the app, open the app drawer and launch it.

launch the Cog app

The app will open and display information about your Chromebook. In the “Memory” section, you’ll see the RAM listed in gigabytes.

RAM info in Cog

That’s it! The second option is much easier. However, you can also use either of these methods to see other details, including the CPU, which version of Chrome you’re running, and a lot more!

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