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Amazon has made it easier to only get the motion notifications you want from your Ring cameras with customizable motion zones. While they’ve always had motion-detecting capabilities, these zones will help you only monitor the areas most important to you. Here’s how.

First, open up the “Ring” app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device, and select the camera you’d like to customize.

Select the camera you'd like to customize.

Next, tap the gear icon.

Select the “Motion Settings” option from the camera’s settings menu.

Select the "Motion Settings" option.

If this is your first time setting up Motion Zones, you’ll be met with a popup explaining them. Tap “Continue.”

Tap "Continue"

In the “Motion Settings” menu, tap “Edit Motion Zones.”

Tap "Edit Motion Zones."

The first motion zone defaults to a generic zone (highlighted blue). To make your own, tap “Add Zone.”

Tap "Add Zone."

A series of dots will appear around the highlighted area. Drag them to create your first zone. The first zone will be highlighted blue. Once done, you can name the zone and then tap “Save Zone.”

Move the circles to create your first highlighted zone. You can then give it a custom name, then tap "Save Zone" to continue.

You can now see your first zone (in this case, the one named Side Yard). If you’d like to create another, tap “Add Zone.”

You've created your first zone! To make another, tap "Add Zone."

Like the first zone, drag the dots to arrange the highlighted area for your new zone. This second zone will be highlighted red. Name it and then tap “Save Zone.” You can only create three Motion Zones per camera.

Drag the dots to create your highlighted second zone. Once you've created your second zone, name it, then tap "Save Zone."

You’re done! If you need to, you can come back and adjust the zones as needed, tweak the sensitivity of the motion zones, or even activate “People Only Mode,” which only notifies you if the camera sees a person walk through one of your zones.

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