google duo screen share

Google Duo is an easy-to-use video calling app, but that doesn’t mean it lacks powerful features. If you’d like to show the other people in the call what’s happening on your phone, the Screen Share feature makes it simple.

Screen sharing is typically thought of as a feature for work-related conference calls, but it can come in handy for personal calls too. Google Duo’s screen share feature is available on phones and tablets running Android 8.0 and above. We’ll show you how it works.

First, open the Google Duo app on your Android device and then select the person you want to video call.

open duo and select a contact

Tap the “Video Call” button to begin the call.

tap the video call button

After the call is answered, you’ll see a few buttons across the bottom of the screen—tap the screen if they disappear. Select the button with three stars to bring up more options.

Next, tap the “Screen Share” option.

tap screen share

A message will appear and explain that screen sharing will give Google Duo access to the information shown on your display. Tap “Start Now” to begin if you’re okay with that.

tap start now if you agree to the message

Lastly, you can choose if you also want to share the audio from videos or apps on your screen. Tap “Don’t Share” or “Share Audio.”

decide to share audio from device

Your screen will now be shared. You can leave the Google Duo app and go show off anything on your phone or tablet. The red cast icon in the status bar indicates when you are sharing your screen.

If you see this, your screen is being shared

To stop screen sharing, go back to the Duo video call screen and tap the “Screen Share” option again. This will not end the video call.

That’s it! You can easily toggle screen sharing on and off whenever you want to show something from your screen.

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