Mac User Using Widgets in macOS Big Sur

Widgets are a big part of the Mac’s Notification Center (if you’re running macOS 11 Big Sur or newer). They are right there, in the bottom half of the menu. Want to see a widget without scrolling? Here’s how to rearrange widgets in the Notification Center on Mac.

Unlike widgets on iPhone, rearranging widgets in the Notification Center is really easy—there’s no need to enter a special widget editing mode.

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Rearranging widgets is actually as easy as dragging and dropping. To open the Notification Center, click the Time and Date button from the right edge of the menu bar (You’ll find it next to the Control Center button.).

In the Notification Center, you’ll see your unread notifications at the top (if you have any), and the rest of the space will be taken up by widgets. You can scroll down to see all your widgets.

Notification Center with Notifications and Widgets

If you want to rearrange widgets, you can do so from here. First, click and drag to pick up the widget that you want to move.

Drag Widget to Move It

Now, drag your cursor to the place where you want to move the widget.

Drag your cursor to the place you want to move the widget

Then, let go of the cursor. The widget has now moved to its new place.

Widget Rearranged on Mac

And that’s how simple it is to rearrange widgets. You can do this for any widget you like. This also works when you’re in the widget editing mode. To get there, scroll down to the bottom of the Notification Center and click the “Edit Widgets” button.

You’ll now see the three-pane interface for adding, removing, customizing, and yes, rearranging widgets.

UI for Editing Widgets on Mac

Here, you can drag new widgets to where you want to place them. You can also pick up and drag an existing widget from the right pane to move it up or down in the list.

Drag new widgets to where you want to place them

Along with the Notification Center, you’ll also find a Control Center icon right next to it in the menu bar. Not sure what it does? Here’s how to use the Control Center on Mac.

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