If you place multiple orders on Amazon, but want to receive all your packages on the same day, try Amazon Day Delivery. Available for Prime members, this feature tells Amazon to deliver all your orders on the same day each week.

What Is Amazon Day, and How Does It Work?

Amazon Day is a service Amazon provides for Prime members who prefer to receive all their items on the same day each week.

For example, say you’re off work on Fridays, and you only want to receive packages when you’ll be home. You can just head to the Amazon website or app and set your preferred Amazon Day to Friday. Then, any orders you place throughout the week will always arrive on the following Friday.

It’s a great way to combat package theft because packages will only arrive when you’re home to receive them. Your orders also might be combined in fewer boxes, so you’ll have fewer packages and boxes to deal with. Plus, delivery drivers won’t have to make as many trips to your home.

However, only packages you order with “Amazon Day” shipping will arrive on your Amazon Day. Even after you select an Amazon Day, you can still order packages with faster shipping if you need to.

Amazon Day Delivery Illustration

There are some caveats, as well. All items in your Amazon Day orders must be eligible for Prime delivery and ship from an Amazon distribution center. So, some items aren’t eligible for Amazon Day delivery, but if so, Amazon will alert you during checkout.

Also, there are rare times when the parcel carrier might deliver a certain package a day earlier than your Amazon Day, depending on the availability of delivery options.

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How to Use Amazon Day

To use Amazon Day Delivery, you first need an active Prime membership. It’s easy to join on the Amazon website or app.

Next, you have to choose your preferred delivery day. On the website or app, just start the checkout process. When you get to the “Review Items and Shipping” page on the website or “Shipment Details” in the app, look for the “Free Amazon Day Delivery” option. Under that, click or tap “Change Delivery Day.”

A pop-up appears in which you can choose up to two days you prefer for delivery. Amazon will do its best to get your orders to you on the day(s) you choose. When you’re ready, click or tap “Save and Continue.”

You’ll be redirected back to the checkout screen, and the “Free Amazon Day Delivery” method should already be selected. If it’s not, just click or tap the radio button next to it.

Select the "FREE Amazon Day Delivery" option from the list.

Finally, click or tap “Place Your Order,” and you’re done! Whenever you want future orders to come on the same day (or days) of the week, just make sure you select “Amazon Day Delivery.” Happy shopping!

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