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Chromebooks are built to run Google Chrome, but with the addition of Linux, you can install other browsers on your Chromebook including Microsoft Edge. Whether you want to try what Microsoft’s browser has to offer or are fed up with Chrome, here’s how to install Edge on Chrome OS.

Since you’ll be installing Microsoft Edge’s latest Linux client, you will first need to enable Linux on your Chromebook if you haven’t already.

To do that, visit your Chromebook’s “Settings” from either the app drawer or the quick settings panel (by clicking on the time in the bottom-right corner of the home screen).

Scroll down until you find “Linux (Beta)” and click the “Turn On” button beside it.

Turn on Linux on Chromebook

Select “Next” in the following window.

Set up Linux on Chromebook

Specify your Linux partition’s username and disk size. Leave it at the default if you are not planning to install more than a few Linux apps. Hit “Install” when you’re done.

Configure Linux disk size and username on Chromebook

Your Chromebook should begin downloading and configuring Linux. It will automatically launch the Linux terminal when it’s done. You can now proceed to install Microsoft Edge.

Open “Google Chrome” and visit Microsoft Edge’s download portal. Click the blue “Download” button below the “Dev Channel”card. In the pop-up, select “Accept and Continue.”

Download Microsoft Edge's Linux client on Chromebook

Double-click and launch the file that your Chromebook has just downloaded and then select “Install.”

Install Microsoft Edge's Linux app on Chromebook

Click the “OK” button to dismiss the confirmation window. Your Chromebook will take a minute or two to install Microsoft Edge, and once that’s complete, the browser should be available in the app drawer.

Microsoft Edge installation on Chromebook

You can open Microsoft Edge and use the web browser as you would normally on any other traditional PC. When the Microsoft Edge app is active on your Chromebook, you can also right-click on its icon and pin it permanently to the row of apps present at the bottom of your screen.

Microsoft Edge on Chromebook

Just as you got Microsoft Edge on your Chromebook, you have the option to install any other compatible Linux app on Chrome OS.

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