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Microsoft Teams is great for collaborating on documents, but finding files again can be tricky. Thankfully, Teams stores your files in a logical structure in a dedicated SharePoint site. Here’s how to access that site and find your files.

When you create a team in Microsoft Teams, it comes with a default “General” channel.

The default "General" channel in a team.

In this channel, there are three default tabs: Posts, Files, and Wiki.

The default "Posts", "Files", and "Wiki" tabs in a channel.

All of the files that you share in the “Posts” tabs are uploaded to Microsoft Teams and are available in the “Files” tab.

The "Files" tab showing uploaded documents.

This structure is the default setup for every channel you create, such as this “Policies” channel we’ve added.

The "Policies" channel showing the "Files" tab and some files.

In addition to displaying any files you’ve shared in the “Posts” tab, you can also add new files, upload existing files, or drag and drop files into the “Files” tab.

The "New" and "Upload" options in the "Files" tab.

Behind the scenes, all of these files are stored in a dedicated SharePoint site for the team. Every time you create a new team, a new SharePoint site is created to hold the files.

To access this site, open the “Files” tab and click “Open in SharePoint.” Depending on your screen size, you might need to click the three-dot menu icon to access the option.

The "Open in SharePoint" option.

This will open the SharePoint site attached to the team. (You may need to login to SharePoint using your Microsoft account details first.) It will show the name of the team, the name of the channel, and the documents saved to that channel.

The SharePoint site that sits behind the team.

If you click the “Documents” option in the menu on the left, all of the folders in that library will be shown. There is one folder for each channel in your team.

The "Documents" library in SharePoint showing the folders created for each channel.

Double-click any of the folders to open them up. You can add, edit, and delete documents in SharePoint just like you can in Microsoft Teams, and any changes you make will be synced up with the “Files” tab in the channel in your team.

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