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Traffic reports in Google Maps allow you to quickly determine if the route you’re taking is busy or not. If you’re a passenger on the road, you can update Google Maps by adding your own traffic reports. Here’s how.

These instructions will work for all mobile users with the Google Maps app on Android and iPhone. It’s important, however, to only attempt this if it is safe to do so, or you may put other road users at risk. This feature is appropriate for a passenger in a vehicle to use, for instance.

To start, open the “Google Maps” app and search for directions using the search bar at the top of the screen. Once you’re in the navigation mode, tap the route information at the bottom of the interface, containing the ETA, distance, and arrival times.

Tap the route information (containing ETAs) at the bottom of the Google Maps navigation interface

This will bring up a menu with additional options, including the ability to view written directions, as well as view a satellite map.

To add a new traffic report, however, tap the “Add A Report” option at the top of the menu.

In the additional options menu for Google Maps route navigation, tap the "Add A Report" option.

There are several available live traffic situations that you can report using the “Add A Report” feature.

For instance, if you’re stuck in traffic, you could select the “Congestion” option. Alternatively, if a lane on the highway is closed, you might prefer to select the “Lane Closure” option. Tapping any of these options will add that alert to your current location.

These options will vary in name and availability, depending on your locale.

For instance, U.S. users will see “Speed Trap” as an option to alert other users to law enforcement speed checks, while U.K. users will see “Mobile Speed Camera” instead.

If you’ve added a report by accident, you’ll have a few seconds to reverse it before the report is added to Google Maps. Tap “Undo” at this point if you’ve added a report in error.

Tap "Undo" to remove a recently added traffic report from Google Maps

Once a few seconds have passed, the report will be added to Google Maps for other users to view. When other users pass through the same area, an alert will appear to alert them about the disruption, as long as the user hasn’t disabled Google Maps traffic notifications.

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