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Hooking your Chromebook up to an external display is a great way to be more productive. With a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, you’ve got a desktop experience. The Chromebook display may seem redundant in this case, so you can turn it off.

There are two ways to use a Chromebook with an external display. The extra display can be a secondary screen independent of the Chromebook display, or you can mirror your Chromebook’s display.

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If you want to turn off the display on your Chromebook while connected to an external display, the latter is the method to use. After connecting your Chromebook to the display, open “Settings” from the app list.

open the chromebook settings

Next, go to the “Device” section and select “Displays.”

select displays from settings

On this screen, you’ll see how the two displays are arranged. We want to check the box for “Mirror Built-in Display.”

check the box for mirror built in display

Now, your external display will mirror whatever is on the main display. The next step is to allow the Chromebook display to turn off while using the external display. Click the back arrow to return to the device settings.

Next, choose “Power” from the “Device” section.

select power from device settings

Last, toggle off the “Sleep When Cover is Closed” option.

toggle off sleep when closed

Now, when you close your Chromebook, the external display will continue to mirror the screen. The display may go black for a couple of seconds, but it will turn back on.

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