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Just like WhatsApp, you can create an Apple iMessage profile. This feature gives you control over the name and photo that’s displayed in an iMessage conversation. Here’s how to create your own iMessage profile on iPhone and iPad.

iPhone and iPad users running iOS 13, iPadOS 13, and higher can create their own iMessage profile. This allows you to use a photo, Memoji, Animoji, and more as a display picture.

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You also have complete control over who can see your name and photo. You can allow only your contacts to view this information (so that spammers who got their hands on your phone number will be none the wiser), or you can also share this information on a conversation basis.

To create your own customized iMessage profile, open the “Settings” app on your iPhone or iPad and then go to the “Messages” section.

Here, tap the “Share Name And Photo” option.

You’ll see the iMessage profile setup screen. Select the “Choose Name And Photo” button.

You’ll see a couple of options for setting up the display picture for your Apple iMessage profile. If you already have a display picture for your iCloud profile or a Memoji, you’ll see those options here. To create a new display picture, tap the three-dot Menu button.

You’ll see every option available for creating a profile picture. This method is similar to the process of creating a group photo for an iMessage conversation. You can choose a photo from your library, use an emoji, text, Memoji, and Animoji.

To set a photo as your display picture, tap the Photos button.

Here, you can explore and search for a photo you want to use. Tap a photo to select it.

From the next screen, you can move and scale the photo so it fits perfectly in the circle. Tap the “Choose” button.

You can apply a filter on the photo if you want. Tap the “Done” button to proceed.

You’ll now see the selected photo in the preview at the top of the screen. Tap the “Done” button to save the photo.

Now, select the “Continue” button.

From the pop-up message, choose the “Use” option if you want to use the photo for your Apple ID as well.

It’s now time to set up your name and photo sharing options. From the top of the page, enter your first and last name.

In the “Share Automatically” section, you can choose the “Contacts Only” or “Always Ask” option.

“Always Ask” requires the Messages app to ask you if you want to share your name and photo with the person you’re having a conversation with. “Contacts Only” automatically shares your updated name and photo with people in your Apple contacts. Select a choice and tap the “Done” button.

And that’s it, your iMessage profile is complete.

If you choose the “Always Ask” option, you’ll see a banner at the top of every iMessage conversation asking if you want to share your name and photo. Tap the “Share” button if you want to share your profile. Tap the “X” Close button if you want to keep your information private.

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