iPad User Creating Perfect Shapes in Notes App
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When you’re taking handwritten notes on your iPad, you might want to draw shapes. But what if you’re not good at drawing? Here’s how to draw perfect shapes on your iPhone or iPad using the Apple Notes app.

The Shape Recognition feature is available in the Notes app on iPhone and iPad running iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and higher. It works with the Apple Pencil and your finger, so you can use it on the iPhone as well.

And in classic Apple fashion, the Shape Recognition feature is both obvious and confusing. Once you learn how to use it, it’s going to transition to the obvious category.

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To get started, open the “Apple Notes” app on your iPhone or iPad (after upgrading to the latest operating system).

Open Notes app on Your iPhone or iPad

Here, tap the “New Note” button to create a new note.

Create New Note in Notes App

Choose the “Pencil” icon to enter the drawing mode.

Now, choose the “Pen,” “Pencil,” or the “Highlighter” from the Pencil toolkit.

Choose Pen, Pencil, or Highlighter Option

Once the tool is selected, start drawing the shape. Start easy, try a box or a circle. When you’re done drawing, simply pause for a second.

Draw a shape and hold the Pencil or Finger at the end

It’s the pause that kicks in the “Shape Recognition” feature. The Apple Notes app will automatically convert your drawing into a perfect shape.

Drawing converted to perfect shape

As we mentioned above, this feature works on the iPhone as well. The process is the same. You still need to pause after completing the shape. But here, you can draw using your finger.

Automatic Shapes in Notes app on iPhone

Here are all the shapes supported by the Shape Recognition feature in the Notes app on iPhone and iPad:

  • Circles
  • Squares and rectangles
  • Elipses
  • Hearts
  • Lines and lines with arrow tips
  • Arcs and arcs with arrow tips
  • Speech bubbles
  • Stars
  • Triangles
  • Pentagons

Multiple perfect shapes in Notes app

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