Update: The Bounty Program has a new home page.

A common frustration of non-programmers is that you don’t often get to inspire new software programs that work the way you want them to, you simply have to wait and hope that somebody comes up with something…  until now.

We’re looking to solve this problem by introducing the How-To Geek Bounty Program – we’ll help connect you the reader with the brilliant programmers that can accomplish the actual task of writing the software that we want. By offering a bounty (a monetary reward) for open source or free software, we’ll have better luck in finding people willing to spend time working on the project.

How does it work, you ask?

  1. You come up with the ideas.
  2. We pick the best ideas and agree to help sponsor them.
  3. Brilliant programmers like Andreas write the software and then collect the bounty.
  4. We feature the software here on How-To Geek.
  5. Everybody wins!

Are there any rules?

  • The How-To Geek will donate $50 for each project we agree to sponsor. It will work best if you agree to help sponsor your idea as well. We might donate more for really great ideas.
  • We will only sponsor open source projects.
  • Readers can agree to sponsor closed-source projects as long as they are free.
  • Post your ideas on the Bounty Program forum.
  • We’ll work on the honor system… if you agree to donate some money, we’ll assume you’ll do it. Either way, the How-To Geek can be trusted to donate his share.

Now maybe we can finally get somebody to fix those annoyances in Windows Vista! We already got the Vista Taskbar previews enlarged with the last bounty, after all.

We’ll be posting the next bounty tomorrow.

Post your ideas on the How-To Geek Bounty Program Forum

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