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Have you ever followed so many TV shows at the same time that you lost track? Never miss an episode again with these TV tracking apps.

TV Tracking Across Platforms

If you’re a TV junkie who watches dozens of shows every year, you’ve likely found it difficult to keep track of everything. Shows might blur together, or you might forget which episode you watched last. You might not even realize the latest episode of your favorite series already aired until you suddenly see spoilers posted by your friends.

Fortunately, an array of services are available to help you keep track of the shows you’ve seen, those you’re currently watching, and those you want to watch. They allow you to receive notifications of new episodes and see what’s coming up, all in one convenient interface.

These services are available across a wide range of platforms and devices, and many will even integrate with the most popular video streaming services. Below are some of the apps you should check out.

TV Time

TV Time TV Tracker
TV Time

One of the most popular services on this list, TV Time is cross-platform, has a beautiful-looking app, and offers a robust array of features that make tracking TV shows incredibly easy. It also has an extensive library of TV shows and movies, thanks to its integration with thousands of streaming and video platforms. It’s doubtful you can find a TV show that isn’t in the TV Time database.

It also has plenty of helpful tracking features, including notifications for new seasons and episodes, and a weekly calendar of release dates for upcoming episodes. It also has social integration so you can see what your friends are currently watching and when you can watch it.

Its deep library also allows for content discovery to help you find new shows similar to those you’re currently watching.

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Trakt TV Media Tracker

If you’re looking for an automated solution for TV-show tracking, look no further than Trakt. If you’ve ever used Last.fm, you’ll be familiar with “scrobbling.” This is when the system automatically logs the music you play in different apps to create a comprehensive listening history.

Trakt does the same thing, but with TV shows and movies. Like the music apps, it works across platforms, including streaming services, like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, local media players, like VLC, and media servers, like Plex and Kodi. It also has links to a variety of TV networks and specialty streaming networks, like Curiosity Stream.

Its media server integration is extensive, including features like playback progress syncing to help you keep track of where you left off in any given video. It also has a user-sourced rating and discovery system. This shows you which movies and TV shows are currently popular to help you find new content.

It’s important to note that Trakt is an open-source API. This means a wide array of apps use the Trakt API to keep track of shows, along with the Trakt app.

If you’re curious about how to use Trakt, there are comprehensive setup guides and a list of available plug-ins and apps on the website.

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Next Episode

Next Episode Tracker Service
Next Episode

The longest-running service on this list, Next Episode has been helping people keep track of their TV-viewing habits since 2005. The interface is straightforward and you can start logging and tracking your favorite shows immediately. It’s available via the website and there are apps for both iOS and Android.

Because it’s been around so long, Next Episode has an active community of TV enthusiasts across various genres. The website forums feature active discussions of current shows and even a chart of the trending and most popular shows in the community.

Episode Calendar

Episode Calendar Tracker
Episode Calendar

If you’re looking for a clean, straightforward interface to see upcoming episodes, Episode Calendar is a great choice. Simply add shows to your watchlist, and the app automatically populates a monthly calendar with the new episodes premiering each day. It makes it much easier to see your viewing schedule over an extended period.

It also has great browsing features. You can see the most popular TV shows on the platform, how many episodes and seasons there are of each, as well as the episode dates and descriptions. You can also see a summary of all your viewing activity on the platform, including all the shows you’ve finished and those you’re currently watching.

Episode Calendar is currently only available via its website, but it also works in mobile browsers.

Which One Should You Use?

The four services we listed above all do the same thing: help you keep track of all the TV shows you’re currently watching.

If you’re looking for a polished show-logging experience, TV Time or Episode Calendar are your best bets. They both feature clean interfaces with easy navigation.

Want an automated app? Try Trakt! It can be a little confusing to set up, but again, the helpful guides on the website will walk you through integrating the service on your devices.

Finally, if you’re looking for an active community and don’t need any bells and whistles, Next Episode might be for you.

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