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One of the best parts of owning an Apple Watch is the ability to customize your own watch face with different colors, photos, and complications. You can share these designs with friends, family, and the world, too. Here’s how.

How to Share Your Apple Watch Face

The best way to share your Apple Watch face is by using the Watch app on your iPhone. Keep in mind that you need to have iOS 14 or later installed on your iPhone, and watchOS 7 or later installed on your Watch for this to work.

Launch the Watch app on your iPhone, and tap on the face you would like to share. Now tap on the “Share” button in the top-right corner of the screen to see a list of locations you can share to. These include AirDrop, Messages, Mail, third-party chat services like WhatsApp, note-taking apps, and cloud storage services.

Share Your Apple Watch Face via the Watch App

When you export a Watch face, your iPhone sends a file with the .watchface extension to the destination of your choosing. This allows you to share your Watch face to virtually any service that allows the uploading or sending of files, making it easy to make your face available to others. The size of a .watchface file comes in at around 400kb.

You can also share your face directly from your Apple Watch. To do so, tap and hold your Watch face until you see its name at the top of the screen and an “Edit” button beneath it. Tap on the “Share” button in the lower-left corner of the screen.

Sharing an Apple Watch Face in the iPhone's Messages App

This will open a new Messages conversation. You can add a contact and a message, then hit “Send” to share your Watch face. There is no way of sending your Watch face to other apps using this method.

Receiving and Removing a Watch Face

When you send a Watch face via Messages, the recipient will see a preview of the face in the conversation window. If you’re sharing a link to a file, this won’t work quite the same. When the link is tapped, the Watch app will open and show a detailed preview of the face.

The recipient can then tap “Add to My Faces” to add the face to their device. The face can then be chosen on the Apple Watch either by long-swiping left and right or by tapping and holding the face until its name appears, then scrolling through the list of available faces.

Add Apple Watch Face to Your Faces

Faces can be removed via the Watch app using the “Edit” button, or by tapping and holding on an Apple Watch face and then flicking the face upwards (as if you were killing an app on your iPhone).

Sending a Watch face to someone else will not affect their current list of faces, even if they already have a Watch face that uses a similar design (for example, Infograph). No personal information like calendar events, weather locales, or activity data will be included with any faces.

Curated Watch Faces in the App Store

Apple promises a curated selection of Watch faces will appear in the App Store for easy installation. As of watchOS 7’s release in September 2020, however, they were not yet available in the App Store.

Beware of apps promising to install thousands of Watch faces on your device, as these are mostly static images that can be used as regular Watch backgrounds.

If you really want to make your Apple Watch your own, learn how to create your own truly personal designs using your own photos and albums.

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