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Without your contacts, your iPhone isn’t a complete phone. You can import your contacts from Google or iCloud, but there will be times when you’ll need to manually add a new contact to your iPhone. Here’s how it works.

How to Add Contact Using the Phone App

You can add a new contact using the “Phone” app and the “Contacts” app. The process is the same. In this example, we’ll use the Phone app (as you might already be familiar with it).

Open the “Phone” app on your iPhone, and go to the “Contacts” tab.

Go to the Contacts tab in Phone app

Here, tap the “+” icon in the top-right corner.

Tap Plus button from Contacts tab

From the top, you can add the new contact’s first name, last name, and company details.

Enter the name and company details

Scroll down and first tap on the “Add Phone” button.

Tap Add Phone button

This will show a new phone number field. Enter their phone number here.

Type the number

You can now scroll down and add their email address, address, birthday, and notes in a similar fashion.

If you want to assign a special ringtone, go to the “Ringtone” section. From here, you can also enable Emergency Bypass to let their calls through even when you have Do Not Disturb enabled.

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Lastly, scroll back to the top. If you want to add a contact photo, tap the “Add Photo” link.

Tap Add Photo

From the next screen, you’ll see multiple profile photo options. You can use a photo from your camera roll, or you can use a Memoji or an Animoji.

Tap the “Photos” button to choose a photo from your Camera Roll.

Tap Photos Button

You can browse through all of your photos here. Tap on an image to select it.

Select The Profile Photo

Now, you can move and scale the photo to fit in the circle. Then tap the “Choose” button.

Tap Choose after scaling the photo

Lastly, you can add a filter to the profile picture. Tap the “Done” button to save the profile photo.

Tap Done after selecting photo filter

You’ll be taken back in the profile picture screen. Again, tap the “Done” button in the top-right corner.

Tap Done button after confirming photo

Now, go through the new contact creation page to make sure everything looks good. Tap the “Done” button to save the contact.

Tap Done to save the contact

You’ll now see the contact in the Contacts app on your iPhone.

How to Add a Contact from The Call Log

Quite often, you want to save the phone number of someone who has just called you. In this case, you won’t need to enter the phone number itself.

Open the “Phone” app on your iPhone, and go to the “Recents” tab.

Go to the Recents tab in Phone app

Here, find the number that you want to save and then tap the “i” button found on the right edge of the screen.

Tap i button from Recents tab

Now, tap the “Create New Contact” button.

Tap Create New Contact

You’ll see the familiar “New Contact” screen (from the above section). The difference here is that the phone number is already added. You can now fill in the rest of the details, including a profile photo. Once you’re finished, tap the “Done” button to save the contact.

Tap Done button to save new contact

How to Find and Call a Contact

If you are new to the iPhone, you might be wondering how exactly to find a saved contact. Well, there’s the traditional way, and then a couple of quick shortcuts.

Open the “Phone” app on your iPhone, and go to the “Contacts” tab. Here, tap the “Search” bar at the top of the screen and search for the contact.

Tap Search bar from Contacts tab

Select the contact from the search results to see their detailed information.

Select contact from search results

Now, tap the “Call” button to place a call.

Tap Call to call the contact

Alternatively, you can also use Spotlight Search to quickly find and call a contact.

On your iPhone home screen, swipe down on the display to bring up the search bar. Here, simply type the contact name. You’ll see their contact page at the top of the list. Tap the “Call” button next to their name to place a call.

Tap Call button from Spotlight Search

The fastest way, though, is using Siri. On iPhones with Face ID, press and hold the “Side” button on your smartphone and say “Call (contact name).” On older iPhones with a Touch ID, press and hold the fingerprint sensor to bring up Siri.

If you’re placing the call for the first time, Siri will ask you which number you want to use. After, Siri will directly place the call for you.

Using Siri to call someone

Have your contacts saved in Gmail? You can sync and manage contacts from the “Settings” app on your iPhone.

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