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To change the page color in Google Docs, navigate to File > Page Setup, then select a color from the "Page Color" drop down menu. You can customize the color completely by clicking the small plus button.

A Google Docs document typically has a white background for each page. If you want to customize the page color in Google Docs, you can do so in your page settings menu. Here’s how.

To start, open an existing Google Docs document or create a new file to edit. In the open document, click File > Page Setup to access your page settings menu.

To access your Google Docs document settings, press File > Page Setup.

In the “Page Setup” box that appears, select a new page color by selecting the circular “Page Color” icon.

This will display a drop-down menu showing various preset colors.

Click on one of these color options to select it as your page color, or choose the “+” icon at the bottom (under the “Custom” label) to create a custom page color instead.

Select a preset color from the "Page Color" drop-down menu, or press the add button in the "Custom" section.

In the custom color menu, you can insert a hex color code (for instance, #000000 for black) or use the color matching tool to find the color and shade you want.

Move the “Hue” bar at the bottom to select the primary or secondary color you want to use and then pick a shade using the color matching tool above.

Click “OK” once you’ve found the color you want to use.

Use the color matching tool to select a new page color, then press OK to save.

Once you’ve chosen your page color, select the “OK” button in the “Page Setup” menu to apply it to your document.

Press "OK" to save your updated Google Docs Page Color settings.

This will apply the change to all pages in your document.

An example Google Docs document with custom page color applied

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to apply different colors to separate pages in a Google Docs document. To achieve the same effect, you’d need to spread your content over several Google Docs files and edit the page color for each document separately.

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