Do Not Disturb on a Pixel while driving

Distracted driving is a big problem, and phones only make it worse. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could automatically block unimportant notifications while you’re driving? If you have a Google Pixel phone, you can do exactly that.

“Do Not Disturb” can be set up to block notifications automatically for certain situations. This saves you from having to remember to turn it on and off all the time. The Pixel 3 and newer Pixel phones can also set it up to automatically turn on while you’re driving.

Before you set up Do Not Disturb to run while you’re driving, you’ll need to decide what it actually does when it’s enabled. Turning on Do Not Disturb isn’t very useful if you don’t customize it.

Do Not Disturb includes a number of useful options so that you can fine-tune who and what will be able to get ahold of you when your phone is muted. Be sure to read our full guide on Do Not Disturb before enabling the driving feature.

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First, swipe down from the top of the screen twice, and then tap the gear icon to open the Settings menu.

Go to Sound (or “Sound & Vibration”) > Do Not Disturb.

Select Sound > Do Not Disturb

Toward the bottom, tap “Schedules.”

Choose "Schedules"

You’ll see a few pre-made schedules on this page. If you’ve previously set up “Bedtime Mode” on your phone, you’ll see that enabled as one of the schedules.

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The one that we’re interested in is “Driving.” Check the box for “Driving.”

select "driving" as a do not disturb schedule

Next, tap the gear icon to open the Driving settings.

At the top, select “Behavior.”

choose "behavior" for driving mode

Make sure that “Turn on Do Not Disturb” is selected from the pop-up message.

turn on do not disturb when driving

Now, tap “Turn on automatically.”

turn on driving mode automatically

There are a few options on this page. If you always connect to the same Bluetooth device while driving, such as your vehicle’s infotainment system, you can select that. Toggle the switch for “When Connected to Bluetooth” and choose a device from the list.

select a bluetooth device for driving mode

The other option is “When driving is detected.” This will use the motion of your phone to detect when you’re driving.

turn on do not disturb when driving is detected

Lastly, you can toggle on “Turn on Bluetooth automatically” to have your phone turn on Bluetooth when driving is detected. This will ensure that your Bluetooth devices connect when driving.

turn on bluetooth automatically when driving

That’s it! Now, you won’t be distracted by notifications when driving.

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