A "Household Contacts" list on Google Home.

Google Home and Nest smart speakers and displays allow you to make calls without using your phone. By setting up “Household Contacts,” anyone in your home can easily call friends and family members with Google Assistant-enabled devices.

“Household Contacts” are the people everyone in your home knows. These might be parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, common friends, and so on. If someone is added to the “Household Contacts” list, anyone in the home can then call that person from a Google Assistant-enabled device.

For example, your spouse might call your brother Bob, even if she doesn’t have his number saved in her personal contacts. She can just say, “OK Google, call Bob.”

We’ll show you how to set this up.

How to Add Someone to “Household Contacts”

To get started, open the “Google Home” app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Tap your profile icon at the top right.

Tap “Assistant Settings.”

Tap "Assistant Settings."

Under the “You” tab, select “Your People.”

Tap "You," and then tap "Your People."

Some people might already be listed here. If not, tap “Add Person.”

 Tap "Add Person."

Choose someone from your contacts list.

Tap the name of the person you want to add.

On the next screen, type the necessary information, such as that person’s relationship to you, their birthday, home address, and nickname. Ensure the “Household Contacts” option is toggled on, and then tap “Add.”

After typing your contact's details, tap "Add."

Now, return to the “Your People” menu and tap someone in the list.

Tap someone in the list.

Scroll down and toggle-On the “Household Contact” option.

Toggle-On the "Household Contact" option.

You can also edit your contact’s details (including the “Nickname”) in the text box to make it easier to call him or her with a voice command. Tap “Save” when you’re done.

Type a "Nickname" for your contact in the text box, and then tap "Save."

How to Call Household Contacts

You can call a Household Contact by giving a simple voice command to a Google Assistant-enabled device, like:

  • “Hey Google, call [name].”
  • “Hey Google, call [nickname].”

Alternatively, if you have a Smart Display device, you can swipe over to the “Household Contacts” card, and then tap the Phone or Video icon next to a contact to make a call.

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