Google Maps on three Samsung Galaxy Smartwatches.

A smartwatch can be a helpful companion when traveling. Samsung Galaxy smartwatches don’t include native integration with Google Maps. However, you can still get Google Maps turn-by-turn navigation on your Samsung watch.

Samsung smartwatches don’t come with any Google apps preinstalled, nor are there any official apps in the Galaxy Store. However, just as you can get Google Assistant up and running on a Samsung watch, there are also ways you can use Google Maps.

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A handful of apps bring Google Maps integration to Samsung Galaxy Watches. Because watches have small displays, these apps typically focus on turn-by-turn navigation, rather than browsing a map overview. We’ll show you how to get handy instructions on your wrist.

Navigator Pro

Install the free Navigator Pro app from the Galaxy Apps Store on your smartwatch.

navigation pro galaxy apps

You’ll also need the companion app on your Android phone. There aren’t many free options when it comes to Google Maps apps for Samsung watches. Navigation Pro is a quality app with plenty of features and it’s easy to use.


You can purchase and install Navigation Pro from the Play Store for $2.99, at the time of this writing.

navigation pro play store

Open the app on your Android phone. When first launched, you’ll need to give it access to your device’s notifications. This is how the app relays instructions to your watch. Tap “Allow Access.”

navigation pro notification access

The “Notification Access” settings will open. Toggle the switch for “Navigation Pro.”

navigation pro notification access

Tap “Allow” on the pop-up message.

navigation pro notification access allow

Navigate back to the Navigation Pro app on your phone if not automatically returned. You’ll now be asked to give the app permission to run in the background. Tap the “Allow” button.

navigation pro run in background

Since we already installed the watch app, we can skip the next screen. Tap the arrow in the bottom right corner to proceed.

navigation pro installed

That’s it for the initial set up. To use the app, tap “Start Navigation” to open Google Maps on your phone.

navigation pro start navigation

Find a location and start the turn-by-turn navigation instructions.

navigation pro start navigation


Once Google Maps begins navigation on your phone, the instructions will automatically open on your Samsung Galaxy smartwatch. The watch will vibrate whenever you approach an upcoming direction and when a new instruction is given.

Unfortunately, you can’t start navigation from the watch itself.

navigation pro watch app

To tweak how the app works, open the “Navigation Pro” app on your Android phone and tap the “Settings” in the top-right corner. You can adjust what’s shown on the watch display, voice output if your watch supports it, and other options.

navigation pro settings

Awesome Navigator

The second option is an app called Awesome Navigator. Do note that it was taken off of the Galaxy Store shortly after this post was published, but the developer is working on bringing it back online.

Download the free Awesome Navigator app on your Samsung smartwatch from the Galaxy Store.

The Awesome Navigator app on the Samsung Store.

You’ll also need the companion app on your Android phone. There aren’t many free options when it comes to Google Maps apps for Samsung watches, but we recommend Awesome Navigator, as it’s reasonably priced and easy to use.

You can purchase and install Awesome Navigator from the Play Store for $1.99, at this writing.

The "Awesome Navigator" app in the Play store.


Open the “Awesome Navigator” app on your phone. It will need to access your notifications, as that’s how it relays navigation instructions to your watch. Tap “Enable Notification Listener.”

Tap "Enable Notification Listener" in "Awesome Navigator."

This opens the Android “Notification Access” menu. Toggle-On the “Awesome Navigator” option.

Toggle-On "Awesome Navigator" in the "Notification Access" menu.

Tap “Allow” on the pop-up message to give notification access to the app.

Tap "Allow."

Return to the Awesome Navigator app if you’re not automatically redirected. Tap “Got It” to confirm you’ve installed the watch app.

Tap "Got It."

Now, to get navigation instructions on your watch, open “Google Maps” on your phone and start navigating to a location.

Tap "Start" in Google Maps to navigate to a location.

This will initiate the app on your Samsung Galaxy smartwatch and display the first instruction. The watch will vibrate whenever you approach an upcoming direction, and when a new instruction is given.

Unfortunately, you can’t start navigation on the watch.
An "Awesome Navigator" direction to go straight to "E Jefferson St" on a Samsung smartwatch screen.An "Awesome Navigator" direction on a Samsung smartwatch screen to turn left on "Willow Hwy" in "100 ft."


Tap “Settings” in the Awesome Navigator app at any time to tweak what’s shown on your watch, along with other options.

Tap "Settings" in the Awesome Navigator app.

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