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Friday Fun: Mega Miner

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Friday is finally here once again and it is time to have a bit of fun while waiting to go home. In this week’s game your mission is to take your awesome mining machine and work your way to prosperity and glory. Are you ready to dig in?

Mega Miner

The object of the game is to mine your way to prosperity and glory while upgrading your mining machine and earning as many of the accomplishments as possible.


You can have up to three different games saved. Choose the slot you would like to use and click on it.


You start the game in the middle of the small town and will see messages in drop-down boxes at the top of the window. Press the Space Bar when you are finished with each one.

The small town contains the following buildings (left to right): Mechanical Repairs Shop, Fuel Station, Teleport Station, Save Tower (for saving your game as your go), Buyer for Mined Goods, Upgrades Shop, and the Status Billboard (you can view your awards, etc. here).

All you need to play the game are the four Arrow Keys (up, down, left, right) and the Space Bar. You can also use the mouse at times to click on or select items while above or below ground.


Click on the left tab to view any expendable single-use items such as extra fuel, sonar pulses, etc. that you have on hand while mining below ground. Carrying extra emergency fuel once you start to mine deeper is definitely a good idea…


The tab on the right will show you a map of the area above and below ground along with your current location.


Stop in front of buildings and press the Space Bar to interact with the owners and conduct your business in town.


To get started on your mining career simply choose a spot along the surface that “feels lucky” to you and use the Down Arrow Key to start digging into the ground. As you are mining you will need to keep an eye on various monitors in the corners of the game window:

  • The upper left shows your depth underground.
  • The lower left shows the amount of cargo carrying capacity remaining and the mechanical health of your mining machine.
  • The lower right shows the amount of fuel you have remaining and a temperature indicator.
  • The upper right monitor is only useful when above ground and purchasing fuel, repairs, and upgrades.

You will notice that part of the surrounding area will become visible as you move around underground and explore. Near the surface the hidden areas are covered in black but further down they are hidden in white (the color change could be a possible game glitch).


As you are mining try to collect various materials such as coal, iron, silver, gold, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and diamonds to take back to the surface to sell. The deeper you go, the more valuable the items that you find become…


Continue mining until your cargo hold is full and/or you need to return to the surface to refuel. When you return to the surface go to the Buyer for Mined Goods and press the Space Bar to sell your mined materials. From there you can purchase fuel, repairs if needed, and upgrades. Make sure to stop by the Save Tower each time you are above ground to save your progress. Good luck and have fun!


Play the Game

Mega Miner

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 07/22/11

Comments (16)

  1. Deez

    Reminds me a whole lot of Motherload.

  2. trinity343

    this is similar to Gem Miner on Android

  3. Carlos

    Motherload looks better indeed.

  4. ColdEmbrace

    the graphics are terrible, you cant even read the text properly :(

  5. Danny

    I love motherload.

    Tricky when you start but addictive enough to fully upgrade and beat.

  6. Alex

    I know that this has already been said in the comments above, but this seems like a motherload rip-off to me. its town layout on the surface is near-identical to motherloads and even the top-meny and ‘slot’ save system are exactly what motherload had.
    I agree with Danny and say that if you want to try this game in full glory (although it is far less pixel-arty) go to the following link:

    Thanks to How-to Geek for pointing out such an amazing game, whether it is a clone of the original (and best) or not.

  7. john

    don’t bother – this game has no “end” like motherload. i just finished all the missions (find this, find that, etc) and nothing – no end screen, you just keep moving around.

    useless waste of time.

  8. Bryce


  9. imafagnameddustin

    where is the black box all websites say they dont know

  10. imafagnameddustin

    any body on havent been to sleep 4 24 hours

  11. lawls

    what does the black box do?

  12. TheScaffa

    i’ve found the black box u have to start digging at the savehouse en it is about 500 feet deep

  13. TheKingFinder

    I FOUND THE BONES OF THE KING, The bones are exactly 700 meters deep under the buildings. hope this helped. and i still couldnt find the black box. or the treasure. or the big gems.

  14. black box

    black box is at 860m under ground near the end of the left side! gl

  15. Bones King

    The bones of king are 735 meters under the UPGRADE build :)

  16. bones on king

    the bones of king is 1170 meters below teleporter

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