The Samsung Health and Google Fit logos.

Samsung Galaxy smartwatches include the company’s fitness software. It works just fine, but what if you already have fitness data stored in Google Fit? Thankfully, you can sync Samsung Health to Google Fit, and keep all your data in one place.

It’s not possible to install Google Fit on a Samsung Galaxy smartwatch, but you can do the next best thing. With an app called “Health Sync,” you can use Samsung Health for fitness tracking and sync all your data over to Google Fit.

Before you get started, you’ll need both Samsung Health and Google Fit installed on your Android smartphone. Make sure you’re signed in to Samsung Health under the same account you used to set up your smartwatch.

The "Samsung Health" and "Google Fit" apps in the Google Play store.

Next, install Health Sync on your Android phone.

The "Health Sync" app in the Google Play store.

Open the app, and then tap “OK” to begin the “First Usage Actions.”

Tap "OK" in the "First Usage Actions" popup.

The next screen explains that you’ll be able to choose in which direction you want to sync data; tap “OK” to proceed.

Tap "OK" in the "Sync Direction" popup.

Select “Samsung Health” as the base sync source.

Tap "Samsung Health."

Next, tap “Google Fit” as the sync destination, and then tap “OK.”

Tap "Google Fit," and then tap "OK."

On the “Initialization Actions” screen, tap “Check Google Fit Connection.”

Tap "Check Google Fit Connection."

This opens the Google login screen. Select the account you use with Google Fit.

Tap the Google account you use with Google Fit.

Next, tap “Activity Information Permission” to give Health Sync access to your activity.

Tap "Activity Information Permission."

Tap “Allow” on the permission popup.

Tap "Allow" to give Health Sync access.

Now, you have to change some settings in Google Fit, so it won’t interfere with the fitness syncing. Tap “Check Activity Tracking in Google Fit.”

Tap the "Check Activity Tracking in Google Fit" button

A message appears, instructing you to disable “Track Your Activities” in Google Fit. Tap “OK” to open the Google Fit app.

Tap "OK" in the "Check Google Fit Settings" popup.

The Google Fit app will launch. Tap “Profile” in the bottom toolbar.

Tap "Profile" in Google Fit.

Tap the Gear icon at the top right to open “Settings.”

Scroll down and make sure “Track Your Activities” is disabled. This will ensure Google Fit won’t interfere with Samsung Health’s tracking.

Toggle-Off the "Track Your Activities" option.

Leave the Google Fit app and open the Health Sync app once again. Tap “OK” in the “Initialization Finished” popup.

Tap "OK" in the "Initialization Finished" popup.

Now, all that’s left to do is select the fitness data you want to sync between the services. Some of these will require additional permissions.

Select the fitness data you want to sync.

Lastly, you can go to “Settings” to adjust things like sync frequency and battery optimization. To do so, just tap the Three-dot icon at the top right.

Then, tap “Settings.”

Tap "Settings" in the Health Sync app.

That’s it! You might periodically receive notifications about issues with sync status, but the app is very good at explaining how to solve those.

The Health Sync "Settings" menu.

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