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Ask the Readers: Do You Use a Dedicated Todo List App?

Note: This article is part of our archive and is likely out of date.
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Post-it notes stuck around your monitor are functional, paper todo lists are fine, but for quick searching and electronic management todo list apps are where it’s at. Do you use one to manage your tasks?

This week we’re interested in hearing about what kind, if any, of todo list application you use. It can be an app on your phone, desktop, or even the web. The only requirement is that it be an app designed for todo list management. Sound off in the comments with your love (or disdain) for dedicated todo list apps and then check back on Friday for the What Your Said roundup.

Jason Fitzpatrick is a warranty-voiding DIYer who spends his days cracking opening cases and wrestling with code so you don't have to. If it can be modded, optimized, repurposed, or torn apart for fun he's interested (and probably already at the workbench taking it apart). You can follow him on if you'd like.

  • Published 07/20/11

Comments (131)

  1. tcatnat


  2. Daryl

    Toodledo – web and iphone app (“pro” user, so pay a subscription)

  3. Momto2boys

    Easy to create lists online that I can keep private or choose to share with others

  4. Hatryst

    A to-do list? Oh yeah, that thing:

  5. 00924

    I use Outlook 2010 tasks on my desktop, and then I sync that information to an app called 2Do on my iPhone.

  6. V

    Shuffle on my Droid for my personal stuff, Cozi for family stuff, and Outlook (with the touchdown app on my Droid) for work stuff.

  7. kb3dow

    Use Outlook which syncs to my Nokia’s native app.

  8. Bjarnovikus

    I use GeeTeeDee… It’s a small application where you can add categories, notes and a finishing date (it does not give warnings when this day is near, you need to check it by yourself). And most important… It’s free and easy to understand and hides perfectly into your system tray.

  9. Bjarnovikus

    I forgot the download link:

  10. pewbe

    I use Google Calendar, which gets synced to my phone. Not perfect, but works fine for me.

  11. Marcus

    Outlook 2010 + Evernote

  12. David William Edwards

    Zoho Planner

  13. LordGodEric

    RemindMe – Extension for Chrome, Tiny little thing but can keep multiple alarms, and syncs automatically through Chrome. If chrome is not running it will let you know what you missed when you start it up. Just wish there was something just as easy/simple to run constantly on desktop and automatically sync to my other computers.

  14. Mikekacz

    I’m using program called Listonic, it’s developed by polish programmers and works on symbian, android, iphone and windows mobile

    works great as na shopping list and any other list

  15. Gabrielle

    OneNote 2010 and Outlook… The best combo!

  16. 5n0u7

    MY Palm Pre has a standard app ‘Memos’ that is a cork board with post-its stuck to it. Great for keeping track of things to do and not covering my monitor with post-its.

  17. Aaron

    Wunderlist is easy to use and gorgeous. Apps for many platforms, cloud syncing, and more. I use it for any list you can imagine. None of the other services, from Apple to Microsoft could accomplish what Wunderlist has created for me.

  18. JJ on the web and my Android. Just started using it last week but it’s great and easy to use for GTD.

  19. Paco

    I use Remember the Milk for Iphone but I’m not a 100% happy customer

  20. CT

    Keeping it basic and classic with Microsoft Sticky Notes in Windows 7. Got several of them open with different lists of things to do, buy etc. on each. Works well. Its kind of like Post It notes on and around the computer just on my desktop.

  21. Mike

    I use Evernote for Android!

  22. Rouj Chalabi

    I have at least 10 do apps some paid, some free, use for awhile but never anymore, LOL.

  23. markiz

    I use it on a phone (wp7): ToDo Free

  24. Ryan

    I use google tasks and Gtasks on my phone, not perfect but it should be improved soon.

    I have used Gina Trapani’s Todo.txt on Android and synced through dropbox but I couldn’t really get use to a plain .txt file.

  25. BigB

    I just started using an iphone to-do/reminder app called “Due” it’s easy and quick to enter a task with a reminder alert set on it. I like it so far.

  26. Rachel

    Wunderlist and Sticky Notes for Windows 7. I use Wunderlist for the most part, but I’ll use Sticky Notes if I need to write down something I’ll do within the hour.

  27. David

    I use 2Do on my iPhone. I’ve tried at least five other ones, but 2Do is powerful enough for what I need without being overkill. The UI is pretty customizable too, so I can hide all the stuff I don’t need.

    The only other to-do list app I’ve used for a significant amount of time is Remember the Milk. It was pretty decent, but I really didn’t use any of the features besides the iOS app, so it was hard to justify $25 a year when I could just pay a few dollars once and be done with it.

  28. Grungetastic

    Check out EpicWin and Level Me Up!

    RPG style task managers as you get XP when you finish tasks and you level up! In EpicWin you even get loot!

  29. Horsecoffee

    I am using Tiddlywiki for work. Employs the GTD system by David Allen. I love it.

  30. Steve Stone

    My first to-do lists were written on the back of punch cards.
    Today the household list is still written out, work is built in Lotus Notes, and I use Lightning under Thunderbird for my volunteer to do list chores.

  31. mikugo

    Wunderlist, nice interface, with web interface, syncs iphone/android with web for free!

  32. Lady Fitzgerald

    I use a virtual post it note program on my desktop. I’ll start to do lists and shopping lists on virtual post it notes. If I need to take the list with me, I’ll copy the contents to a Word template the size of a 3 x 5 note card and print it to a note card.

  33. Logically

    I use taskos on my android phone. It has all the features I need for a to do list program.

  34. nick

    Windows 7 Sticky Notes, I have 6 up on my secondary monitor.
    One tip: Back up your sticky notes! It is unfortunately easy to accidentally delete them. They are in:
    C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Sticky Notes
    I also have a sticky note up that has all the shortcuts for formatting the sticky notes.

  35. Babalooie

    I just use Outlook’s to-do features (email flags, task list, calendar) and keep it synchronized with my DroidX using ActiveSync.

    Keeps everything centralized and easily accessible.

  36. Richard

    Remember the Milk – used a lot of different ones, but with a little study, this is the best.

  37. Henry

    I just email (or text) myself

    seriously though I still don’t understand why one needs a dedicated app for this
    use a google doc(/dropbox/other cloud document) that you pin to your homescreen/launcher/desktop or bookmark with a shortcut on your desktop

  38. Bob

    Todo list? Isn’t that something women do, like reading maps or asking for directions? ;-)

  39. dss

    I use google tasks and the extension “I love google tasks” available for chrome.

  40. Ken

    Outlook (2007) and Google Calander sync to sync with my Android.

    @ Henry
    Why manage them? Because you can set reminders and appointments for specifc dates/times.

  41. Ayi

    I’m using astrid tasks (
    Syncs with my android phone.
    Still a bit buggy on timezone issue.

  42. Doug

    Wunderlist FTW!!

  43. BobbyPhoenix

    AK Notepad, Google calendar, and Event Reminder on my Android phone.

  44. Bruce

    iphone neat list, it’s simple free

  45. Asian Angel

    I use Pytask when I need to keep a to-do list on my Ubuntu systems. ^_^

    PPA for Pytask

    Pytask Homepage at Launchpad

  46. nt0xik8ed

    my brain

  47. Joe

    Another vote for Wunderlist. It has a smaller feature set than some other choices, but it has a gorgeous UI, and simply works well on all my devices, platform agnostic.

  48. Joao Brito

    Emacs org-mode. Plain text based and lots of features. Notes, todo, calendar, it’s got everything, but you’ll have to learn emacs.

  49. tjX

    I just use Dropbox and sync a text file across all my devices!
    It works.


  50. RP

    AZZ Cardfile ROCKS…!!!

  51. Luinox86

    Currently I use two, but really looking for an alternative that does what I exactly want, eventually I think I will write one and publish!

    1. Yahoo Widgets, ToDoList gadget
    + It’s easy to use
    + It’s free
    – Doesn’t remind
    – I Don’t like to have Yahoo widget (or anything like that to use up my ram)

    – Customization does not cover all aspects

    2. VueMinder
    – Over the last year I found out the import and export doesn’t work perfectly and I lost a few entries.
    – Loads slowly, takes ram, interface could be better (you can try by inserting two entries on the same day!)
    ++ Customization is perfect, you can add reminders, desktop alarms, define the time, set snooze time and etc
    + It’s free (there is a pro version to buy though)

  52. StarsLikeDust

    I’ve been using Stardock Fences as a todo list on my desktop for awhile now. I’ve created a couple fences that are the width of an icon, these then become queues for me to place tasks in. When ever I have something to do later drag it (or create a shortcut to it) into the appropriate queue (fence). When the task is complete I can usually just delete the file or shortcut associated with it. The upsides and downsides to this system are almost the same: it is very simplistic. It means I have no alarms or task tracking, but it also means all my tasks are always just an aero peek away on my desktop. Its also strangely satisfying to drag tasks to the trash when I am through with them and watch all the other icons slide up in the queues.

  53. tslmy

    LinoNote, a minimal keyboard-operated to-do list and web bookmark manager.
    I made it.

  54. Ashish Jain

    One Note 2010 + outlook 2010 on laptop
    Sync Outlook todo with Nokia Symbian phone

  55. Alvin Sim

    Remember The Milk for me

  56. Rod

    Piece of paper and a pen taped to my bulletin board.

    That is how I roll because I am a baller.

  57. yovi rendri

    Patrick Star

  58. Dan

    Gmail tasks and Astrid for Android

  59. Bob

    A White Board and lots of coloured pens!

  60. slowby

    Remember the milk really changed the way I organize my stuff. I tried several others but none as easy or flexible imho

  61. Jeff

    Google Tasks

  62. Courroux

    I use Google Tasks.

  63. Stef

    I wrote my own terminal-based todo-list a la Gina Trapani’s Todo.txt. It syncs with a server I have at home.

  64. Kevin

    I use ‘Things’ from Cultured Code. It is based upon the ‘Getting Things Done’ concepts by David Allen – more of a ‘next actionable step’ for a task or project than just a to-do list. I find it immensely helpful in keeping track of things to do as well as the steps to actually complete that to-do.

  65. Louise

    Primary ‘to do’ repository is the Active Inbox plugin for my gmail account.

    Stuff comes in and is immediately removed from the inbox into one of three catgories: Action, Waiting on (for things that are needing external input/reply) and Sometime. I also email myself notes and sort them in the same place.

    For regular recurring tasks, I get Google Calendar to email me a reminder and that also goes into active inbox.

    Then I just work through the ‘Action’ list. I can check it on any computer or my phone/tablet.

  66. AbbaDabba

    Used to use the Google list with Outlook 2010. It used to synch until I upgraded to x64 bit o/s. For some reason, Google doesn’t support x64 (or at least they didn’t). Out of Milk is easy to use, lets you make multiple lists and you can scan grocery item barcodes into your list.

  67. Seasider2

    Rainlendar for will get round to it tasks or need reminding at a specific time/date,
    Sticky Notes for do it soon or else tasks.
    Post-its for things non-computer related and which I will forget the moment I close the PC.

  68. Frank

    I use a lot of different PCs, and not always with the internet – I use an Access database called TO DO.accdb I developed myself and sync it using paid Allway Sync’n’go to my USB thumbdrive (SanDisk 8GB with password)

    One table with columns:
    Priority (1 = must do this week, 2 = must do soon, 3 = would like to so soon, 4 = would like to so sometime)
    Type (home, internet, phone, goto, work)
    Category (many, including car, computer, food, health, investment, social, property)
    Task (description – can be a sentence)
    Phone (number if necessary)
    Created (date auto today’s date – not really needed as I rarely look at it)

    I have defined 2 Reports – Priority 1-3, and Priority 1-3.
    Once or twice a week I print out a double-sided page Report – usually only Priority 1-3:
    Grouped by Type (header)
    Sorted within each group by Priority, Category, Task and Phone Number

    I carry the paper with me for a few days, crossing off what I’ve done, jotting some new things, then update as I feel like it. It holds up to about 100 items before it would exceed a double-sided A4 page, so I trim it as necessary.

  69. ash494

    to do list is not applicable for me :p

  70. Ken Morgan

    I use Wunderlist, syncs with all my machines and my iPhone. lightweight and just what I need. Not as powerful as Evernote and that is what I like about it.

  71. iceflatline

    I use the universally accepted, cross-platform capable, omnipotent text file. There’s is a bit of a learning curve though…

  72. Ronjon

    I usually use my brain, or the list just comes as I go. Squiggly Line style

  73. DeCafftalk

    I use a pad of plain paper on my desk. New piece of paper per day. First thing I do in the morning/ last thing the night before I write down the days todo list. I have tried Remember the Milk, toodle etc. but I always seem to forget about them if they are not in front of me.

  74. Felos903

    Google Calendar for text reminders to my phone and Remember the Milk.

  75. gordon

    Interactive Calendar for appointments and Word for any other lists.

  76. KB Prez

    Calendarscope and Stickies.

  77. Mark

    Google Tasks for computer, GTask for Android phone.

  78. Dave

    I started with the overly simplistic task list included with Gmail. I moved to RememberTheMilk, but that wasn’t an ideal solution either. Finally, I found GQueues, and I am very happy with it.

  79. Karl Burkum


    I’m using Producteev ( and really finding it useful. Key features include…

    – Multiple workspaces (contexts)
    – Email integration (send / forward an email to create a task record)
    – Labels to better classify tasks
    – Social network integration – have those in your social network help you with your tasks (gather opinions, etc.)
    – Good filter set (due today, etc.)
    – Outlook integration (limited, but there)
    – Google tasks integration
    – Repeating tasks
    – iPhone app (Android app in beta)
    – New mobile website – (renders well on a tablet)

    I think some other cool things are around the corner – Mac desktop, sub tasks, Android app, etc.

  80. Trevor Yannayon

    I recently started using Wunderlist works great across all devices and great web interface.

  81. tommy2rs

    I use Honeydo. The wife says says honey do this, honey do that. And she never forgets.

  82. Achu

    I use Tomboy on Ubuntu and it’s cool.

  83. rick27607

    Blackberry / web enabled Todomatrix from

  84. Kieran

    i just write it on notepad on my android

  85. Antriksh

    I use Google Tasks that integrates into Gmail and Google Calendar. Moreover, it will sync perfectly with my new iPad.

  86. Sarkis Derbedrossian

    I use Microsoft Dynamics CRM activities which I sync with Outlook

  87. zla

    Swift-to-do lite

    very good

  88. Lynn

    For work I’ve been using ‘ToDoList’ Project Management Software by ‘AbstractSpoon’ for the last couple of weeks and really like it. It’s simple and it’s free. Can be downloaded via

  89. Emily Sullivan

    Toodledo. I have 3 jobs and a household, so I have a lot to keep track of. Toodledo has a nice mobile web interface for my Android, no “app” needed. From any of my computers I can access the program on the internet. It syncs with Google Calendar, which I sync with Outlook on all of my computers so that ALL of my things are on one calendar. Crucial, for sure.

    Toodledo employs the GTD and Franklin Covey methods of organization/prioritization, AND has tags.
    There is a free version that is great for most people, I am using the pay version which is only $14 a YEAR. I <3 Toodledo

  90. Andre Lavictoire

    I use a Pen and Paper :)

  91. Sam Schultz

    I use GQueues and am finding myself using it and appreciating it more and more. It integrates with Google Apps for your domain as well, and they have a free version with basic functionality and a subscription version with more advanced features.

  92. Pierre

    Emacs org-mode.

    What else?

  93. FrankP

    Turbo Notes is great. Reminders, links to email, sounds, even looks like post it notes.
    Free trial – low cost.

  94. Jodi

    I use ToodleDo to keep Outlook synced to my iPhone. I must admit though, I haven’t been using it much.

    My workflow ends up being within my Outlook inbox. I flag things for follow-up and set reminders. These show up as tasks, but I rarely look at the To Do list.

    I also write a list of shorter term tasks on a notepad. There’s something about physically crossing them off that is so satisfying!

  95. Sandra

    Outlook @ work and Ever-note on my Droid 2 phone…I love Ever-note!!!

  96. jewatso

    I use firefox reminder and todo list.

  97. Chris Raisin

    I have been using “Above and Beyond” for years – fantastic Time Management system which becomes a great “To Do List”.

    As far as I know does not interact with iPhones etc. nut I could be wrong (I don’t use mobiles!)

  98. BillH

    GTD lists in daytimer (notebook in office)
    Blackberry memos which sync to Outlook (on phone for errands)
    (new) trying iPad notes (for business vehicle)
    yellow pad and pen (around the house stuff)

    I don’t really like having multiple systems, but I can’t find one system that I can keep with me all the time. Looking forward to seeing the results of this survey!

  99. Jj

    Outlook at work and paper pad on fridge for home :P

  100. cactusdr

    What’s a to-do app?

  101. Perry

    SwiftToDoList Pro and OneNote 2010.

    Also a hard copy list for immediate tasks.

  102. Mark e.

    I am chronically disorganized so I rely heavily on to do software go get anything done. Most of what I need to remember to do is away from the desk so for software to work for me it has to work on my phone or iPod touch.
    The best portable to software I have used was Todomatrix, but it is black berry only and I am Android and iOS now…So, I use Remember The Milk for daily drudge and MyLifeOrganized to reduce projects into smaller, actionable tasks. MLO for android is still in public Beta and not all the features are active yet but it is getting better with each update..

  103. Ray

    One I wrote in the mid 80s for scheduled tasks. Still does the job.

  104. Travicane

    I use 2 online apps to manage my everyday, and ongoing life:

    Remember the Milk combined with a dedicated RTM tab on iGoogle
    * Four categories to manage my everyday life
    * Each category is a Google Gadget instance (column) in my Google RTM Tab

    Todlido for Major Housecleaning Chores
    * Set up as a tab per room/area
    * Pretty good for monthly/quarterly/annual cleaning chores
    * Takes some time to set up, but I did it as each room/area became unbearable.


  105. carryit

    toodledo works great…. and the iphone ap is really neat…. i use it instead of scrap paper for notes todo’s and prioritizing…. i recomend it.

  106. bobk

    Toodledo (to maintain full management list and manipulate data to hearts content)
    Voodo (little known simple task manager, has tagging, visually great, FAST ENTRY, daily to do ‘Post It Note’)
    Wunderlist (for shared to do list with others using same email address)

  107. CrashD

    I like to use the voice recognition app VLingo with my Blackberry to add tasks and memos to the native apps, I then use Funambol to sync the tasks and memos from my Blackberry to my work Outlook, it does a great job. I then use gSyncit to sync Outlook tasks and notes to Google Tasks and Google Docs. At home I use Thunderbird/Lighting and am able to sync the Google Tasks with the Lighting calendar using Memotoo and then access the notes on Google Docs by creating a tab utilizing the Thunderbrowse app for Thunderbird. This goes somewhat “around the block” and gSyncit and Memotoo cost a couple of $$ but it’s cheaper than buying Outlook for home, now that Google has released the Tasks API, I assume that sooner or later there will be an app that syncs the Google Tasks directly with Thunderbird/Lightning.

  108. joel perlish

    after much searching and searching, i can’t find or think of anything better than evernote. joel

  109. Charlie

    On my Android i use Astrid which syncs nicely with my Google Calendar …….

  110. JupiterIsBig

    Outlook reminders and notes – I had to recover some old emails so now I’ve got reminders from 2002 up for a factory that doesn’t exist. I guess I’m not using the right method ! ?

  111. Mysterymate

    I use a normal App on my cell… it just labelled ‘Tasks’ and besides I use actual post-it-notes at home.

  112. Jack

    As much as I love my ‘tronics, for this function and calendaring, I prefer the Franklin/Covey style ‘Daytimer’ or ‘Personal Planner’.

    Just the old school in me, and it has worked for me for a long time. Not saying other ways aren’t great. I think whatever people like and supports their lifestyle is the right answer!

    After years of being unorganized and stressing out, I found that after taking the Franklin class on using this method it has helped me not only stay more organized but helps keep my ADD in check!

  113. Chris

    Lightning liked to Thunderbird

  114. Jean-Michel

    Google Tasks + Rainlendar (on PC)
    Google Tasks + Calendar (on Android)

  115. The Pazman

    Remember The Milk Pro for tasks and immediate work. I sync lists with my colleagues. It is so easy to use and to move a task from one stage (list) to another. Evernote for long term projects, bookmarks etc. I use both on my laptop with windows and on my Samsung Galaxy with Android.

  116. Michael

    I had used Datebook from Pimlico Software for many years – dropped it when I switched to a Palm Pre.

    For a number of months I have been using – web-based task list. It’s been working pretty well. I just bought an Android phone (Evo 3D), but for the time being I’m sticking to Producteev; not looking for a dedicated task list manager for my phone.

  117. mistywindow

    I use “Things” for the iPhone for reminders, but for todo lists I use PlainText in Dropbox. It’s an outstanding little phone app which allows you to easily create/edit txt documents on your smartphone or on your computer and keeps them continually synched.

    Then there’s paper notes.


  118. princemooch

    If you count SpringPad as a “dedicated to-do list app” then yes otherwise no

  119. Richard

    I use a small program on my WIN7 laptop called STICKY NOTES. Works like a electronic Post It notes. Simple but does the job for me.

  120. Roger

    I recently discovered a free application called — which you can customize the way you like and print out on an 8.5 x 11″ sheet of paper.

    Folded, it is a bit larger than the size of a credit card. You can hand write stuff some on it, and I know some of you are gonna be glad you found this. A great tool to get/stay organized.

    Try it–it might just work for you!

  121. Mandi

    Pen & paper for me. I don’t have a smartphone, so the only way I can take my list with me is to write it down or print it out.

  122. Sabz

    Google Tasks on the computer
    ColorNote on my Droid
    Pen and paper sometimes

  123. abdi

    i usually forgot to use my to-do list app. do u have any thing else?

  124. Peerawat Premchun

    I use simple Taskos, Easy to use. With more space for details.

  125. jeeepers2011

    The only need I have for a ToDo list is a real one. Using Returnil virtual system a lot, I have to remind myself what I need to add, delete, tweak, etc when I reboot and come out of virtual mode (since virtual mode erases all changes on reboot.) Notepad surfices for this purpose.

  126. Andrew

    I have been using Remember The Milk for a while to sync up with web interface and iPhone. I started using it to assign tasks around the office, but decided I need something a little more flexible to suit my needs.

    However the other day I discovered Taskfreak – an open sourced mysql and php to do list. It seems a little old as the forum dates are around the 2008 mark and nothing much after. I have managed to edit it and spruce it up enough to work on iPhone, iPad, and desktop. as it’s cloud based and I am in the field alot, it it perfect for what I do.

  127. Jim

    Small yellow postits in my pocket.

  128. Jo

    Just recently started to use the free version of Task List Pro – Love It!

    The ability to have todo tasks created by voice commands, the interface into calendar and email, the alarms, categories, ease of use, and light on storage size makes it an ideal to do task program. I would recommend this program over many others listed here….

  129. nadeem ansari

    I use taskos on my android phone. It syncs with Google tasks. U can also say a task instead of typing, useful when u r driving.

  130. Tiffany Willis

    Based on what I’ve read here, I’ve just created a Wunderlist account and downloaded the iPhone app. My best to do list though is a simple spiral notebook!

  131. Benniemac

    Remember the milk……waiting on new IOS 5

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