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Strava, like all social media apps, can reveal a huge amount of information about you. Even if you stop random strangers from stumbling across your home address, you might sometimes need to actively stop a specific person from seeing what you’re up to. Here’s how to block someone else on Strava.

By default, anyone on the internet can see your activities and, potentially, work out where you live. Be sure to look through your Strava account privacy settings, too.

What Does Blocking Do on Strava?

Blocking someone on Strava:

  • Removes them from your followers and you from theirs.
  • Stops them from following you again or viewing your activities in detail.
  • Hides your profile details except for your profile picture, bio, total activity count for the last month, that week’s activity statistics, and how many followers you have. It’s what someone who doesn’t follow you sees when they view your profile, but it’s not quite everything.

Somewhat surprisingly, if you have a publicly viewable activity, like say a top 10 position in a segment leaderboard, they’ll be able to see the summary of it there, but they won’t be able to click through for a more detailed view.

Blocking someone won’t send them a notification, but they’ll know something’s changed if they try to view your profile.

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How to Block Someone in the Mobile App

Head to the person you want to block’s profile page on Strava and tap the three little dots in the top right corner.

Tap “Block this Athlete,” then “Block Athlete” to block them.

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How to Block Someone on the Strava Website

Open Strava in your browser and navigate to the person you want to block’s athlete page. Click the “Settings” icon (the gear icon) and then “Block Athlete.”

Finally, click “Block Athlete” again to block them.

blocking website

The Strava account you block won’t be able to follow you or view information about your activities, follow you, or appear in your activity feeds anymore.

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