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Strava doesn’t have the best privacy reputation and, by default, all your activities are public and visible to everyone. However, you can change the privacy settings on any activity.

The three options are:

  • Viewable to everyone, regardless of whether they have a Strava account or not
  • Viewable to your followers
  • Only viewable to you

We suggest you follow our guide to locking down Strava’s privacy settings so that, at most, only your approved followers can see your activities. However, if you want to feature on Strava’s segment leaderboards, your activities (or at least your best ones) must be public. Here’s how to manage it.

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On Your Computer

To manage Strava privacy settings on a computer, head to the Strava website, view the activity you want to change the privacy settings for, and click the “Edit” icon (the pencil) in the sidebar.

edit button

Under “Privacy Controls,” change “Who Can See” to “Everyone,” “Followers,” or “Only You”—depending on what option you want.

You can also check “Hide Heart Rate Data” if you just want to keep that secret.

With the Strava App

In the Strava app for iPhone and Android, navigate to the activity you want to change the privacy setting for. Tap the “Settings” icon (three little dots), then tap “Edit.”

Scroll down to “Privacy Controls” and change “Who Can See” to “Everyone,” “Followers,” or “Only You”—depending on who you want to be able to see your run.

You can also toggle “Hide Heart Rate Data” if you just want to keep that hidden.

edit on mobile

Making All Past Activities Private

If you’ve used Strava for a while and want to bulk edit the privacy settings of your past activities, you can only do it through a web browser. Head to Strava and go to Settings > Privacy. Under “Edit Past Activities,” select “Activity Visibility,” then click “Next.”

changing all settings

Select either “Everyone,” “Followers,” or “Only You,” then click “Next.”

Confirm your choice and Strava will update all the activities’ privacy settings at once. If there are any activities you want public so you can be featured in a leaderboard, you can reedit their privacy settings individually.

By default, Strava shares a lot of information you might not be aware you’re sharing. Make sure you use the privacy controls available to keep things under control.

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