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When you’re researching online, you might come across multiple pages you want to refer back to later. Instead of leaving them open and wasting precious resources, you can use the following methods to save your Chrome tabs.

Bookmark Multiple Tabs on Chrome

Creating a bookmark in Chrome is pretty straightforward, but what if you want to create bookmarks for all the open tabs in your Chrome window?

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You can! Just right-click in the open space at the top next to the tabs, and then select “Bookmark All Tabs.”

You can also press Ctrl+Shift+D on Windows or Cmd+Shift+D on Mac to bookmark all of your tabs.

Chrome will create a new folder for all open tabs. You can rename it if you want, and then click “Save.”

Bookmark All Tabs in Folder

You can add an individual website to a folder, as well. Click the Bookmark icon (the star) in the URL bar or press Ctrl+D (Windows) or Cmd+D (Mac).

Next, click the drop-down “Folder” menu and select the folder you created above.

Bookmark to a folder

Click “Done” to save your bookmark.

You can see and organize all of your bookmarks in “Bookmark Manager.” To get there, click the three vertical dots at the top of the window, and then click Bookmarks > Bookmark Manager.

Open Bookmark Manager

Select the folder you want from the sidebar. You’ll now see all of your bookmarks in one place.

Bookmarks in folder in Bookmark Manager

You can right-click a folder in “Bookmark Manager” or the “Bookmarks” menu to see some options. Click “Open All Bookmarks” to quickly open all the websites in a folder.

You can also choose whether to open your bookmarks in a new window or new Incognito window.

Open All Bookmarks from Folder

Once the folder is created, you can remove a website quite easily—just select it, and then click “Delete.”

To remove a folder, right-click it, and then select “Delete.”

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Temporarily Save Chrome Tabs in Lists with Better OneTab

If you just want to save a couple of tabs in a window, but don’t want them in your Bookmarks Manager for years, the Better OneTab Chrome extension makes things much easier.

It allows you to create a list of multiple tabs. Then, whenever you restore the list and open all tabs once again, the list is removed from the extension.

After you install the Better OneTab Chrome extension, just press Shift and select the tabs you want to save. Then, right-click the Better OneTab Chrome extension icon and select “Store Selected Tabs.”

The extension will close the selected tabs, and they’ll be stored in the extension list. To access them, just click the Better OneTab extension icon. You’ll see all of your saved tab lists. Click “Retitle List” to give a list of tabs a name.

You can add more websites to a list, as well. To do so, just select the tab, and then right-click the Better OneTab extension icon. Click “Store into a Titled List,” and then choose one of your existing lists.

Add to a List

From the tab groups page, you can also click a tab to restore it. If you want to restore the entire tab list, click “Restore List.”

The extension will reopen all tabs in the list.

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