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Instagram comments can sometimes be a mess. But you can make things a bit better by highlighting the best comments at the top. Here’s how to pin up to three comments on Instagram posts on iPhone and Android.

How to Pin Instagram Comments on iPhone

Pinning a comment on the Instagram app on iPhone is as simple as a swipe (just like deleting comments).

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First, open the Instagram app and navigate to your own post where you want to pin the comment. You can only do this on your own posts. From there, tap the “Comments” button.

Here, you’ll see all of the comments for the post. Swipe left on the comment that you want to pin.

This will reveal a couple of options. You’ll see a Pushpin icon on the far left. Tap on it to pin the comment.

Instantly, the comment will show up at the top of the Comments list. You can do this for up to three comments.

You can unpin a comment just as easily. Swipe left on a pinned comment and tap the “Pushpin” icon again.

From the pop-up menu, tap the “Unpin” button to remove the pinned comment.

How to Pin Comments in Instagram on Android

The process of managing and pinning comments on Android is slightly different. Instagram’s Android app takes the tap-and-hold approach to editing comments.

Open the Instagram app on your Android smartphone, and tap the “Comments” button found under any of your posts.

From there, tap and hold the comment that you want to pin.

This will reveal comment options in the top toolbar. Here, select the “Pushpin” icon to pin the comment.

Now, the comment has been pinned. You can do this for up to three comments.

To unpin the comment, press and hold on it again and then select the “Pushpin” icon from the toolbar. Select the “Unpin” button from the pop-up menu to unpin the comment.

If you’re getting negative comments from an Instagram user, you can restrict them or block the account altogether.

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