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A hanging indent (often called a negative indent) positions the first line of a paragraph a predetermined amount of space behind the following sentences. Here’s how to create or remove a hanging indent in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Create a Hanging Indent

To create a hanging indent, first, open your PowerPoint presentation and then select the text box that contains the paragraph you would like to add the indentation to.

Select the text box

As a note, if there are multiple paragraphs in a single text box, all of the paragraphs in that text box will be indented. If you’d like to indent only one specific paragraph, highlight that paragraph instead of selecting the text box.

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Once selected, navigate to the “Paragraph” group of the “Home” tab. Here, select the “Dialog Box Launcher” icon in the bottom corner of the group.

The “Paragraph” window will appear. In the “Indentation” group, set the “Before Text” spacing to the desired indentation space. In general, hanging indents are set to 0.5-inches. Next, select the arrow next to show the drop-down menu next to “Special” and select “Hanging.” Finally, select the “OK” button.

Paragraph indents and spacing settings

The hanging indent is now applied to the paragraph in the selected text box.

Paragraph with indentation

Remove a Hanging Indent

To remove a hanging indent, select the text box of the indented paragraph (or highlight the paragraph).

Once selected, click the “Dialog Box Launcher,” found in the bottom-right corner of the “Paragraph” group in the “Home” tab.

The “Paragraph” window will appear. Here, reduce the spacing of the “Before Text” indent to 0 and then select “None” from the “Special” option. Select “OK.”

Settings to remove hanging indent

The hanging indent will now be removed from the highlighted paragraph or all the content in the selected text box.

Using Google Sheets instead of PowerPoint? You can create a hanging indent in Sheets as well.

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